Critique my Diet, tryin to get ripped..

  1. Exclamation Critique my Diet, tryin to get ripped..

    morning 10 am - multivitamin,protein shake
    12:00 - piece of fruit usually banana
    2:00 - lunch - salad, piece of grilled chicken, and bowl of granola in skim milk...Maybe an apple too
    5:00 - dinner - same as lunch
    7:00 - after workout - Protein shake
    Night snack before 10:00 - piece of fruit,some sort of nuts.

    I would like to here what u guys think about my diet, any changes u would make or is it solid?? BTW im 5'8'' 185 i run about 4 days a week and lift 5 days a week..

  2. you need some more real food!
    You're working out, a piece of fruit isn't gonna cut it for a "meal".

    For breakfast go with egg whites with some fat free cheese and turkey (its my favorite).

    replace the 12:00 meal with some veggies and protein (chicken breast/tuna/turkey/fish/steak)
    u should add a meal at 8:00, as a Post workout meal aka one of the most important meals of the day.

    and before bed go with some real food also, cottage cheese is a good choice there.

  3. I definitely here u there I know i really only have two legit meals in there...And I never thought to put a meal after my workout before bed i'm gonna try at college soo i gotta get something convenient like a can of tuna def gonna go pick up some cans..thanx for the advice.

  4. no prob bro, good luck.
    btw, tuna is the best thing in the world. I eat it right out of the can its so cheap and easy.

  5. dammmmm dude !!!!! i eat that much for breakfast!! definitally more food but given your height and body weight seems like your already a pretty fit guy am i wrong? but with as much excercise as your describing i would definitally bump up the food intake. are you trying to just get really cut up or bulk up some with good definition?

  6. Yea my body weight now is about where i want it but im tryin to tone up and build muscle becuase two years ago i was 230 lbs, (I played center for my football team needed every pound), and I lost a lot of weight on high protein low carb diet (alot like the one shown above) becuase i was done playing and i didnt need the extra mass for baseball season. This past year i really started lifting hard to try and tone up and gain more muscle after losing the weight and have seen good results so far but the diet is the most important thing. Im at college now so the food isnt all that healthy, i try to do my best with the recourses i have..To be honest when im at home i eat a lot more veggies...The vegetables here seem to be drenched in oil so i kind of stay away and just go with the salad w/ eggs, beans, peas all in it. Amac def hear u there i am starving by 2 gonna try to get some more in for Bfast.

  7. O and Thanx for the input guys i really appreciate it

  8. You need more carbs... Or your muscles will wilt. Also your night snack should include cassien (non-fat cottage cheese) and some good fats (Natty PB/Almonds etc) Carbs in morning... little carbs pre-workout... Carbs post workout... You also need to eat more meals.. 5 meals to be exact. Count your calories and switch up your diet for both training and non-training days if you want to add quality mass while metabolizing fat.


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