Interest in pro/pre biotics and organics..

  1. Interest in pro/pre biotics and organics..

    Hey everyone, I just finished reading this book and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has an interest to further their knowledge on organics and probiotics. It is called "The Life Bridge:The Way to Longevity with Probiotic Nutrients" By: Richard Sarnat, M.D., Paul Schulick, and Thomas M. Newmark. Has some really great stuff, goes into USP treatment, supplementation of different ingredients, culturing of foods, and awesome references to journals and studies done. Two thumbs up from me, if any of you know any other good books like this let me know

  2. unless theres a picture of a tittie or something....i probably wouldn't read
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by TripDog View Post
    unless theres a picture of a tittie or something....i probably wouldn't read
    I'm the exact same way about any book, even if it's mandatory for school I really just rather watch a movie. But when it comes to supplements, nutrition, etc. I can read all day and this was well worth my time.

  4. Two different books by Dr David Brownstein that I have read and found very interesting;

    The Miracle of Natural Hormes.


    Iodine; Why You Need It and Why You Can't Live Without It.

    Terrible title for a book, but the iodine one is well researched and informative.

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