Carb Cycling Diet

  1. Carb Cycling Diet

    5'9" 170'ish lbs. 22 yrs old. 7.5-8% BF

    I'm going a carb cycling diet one. I got it from an article in the online magazine my Designer Supplements. Intelligent Design. First Edition/Issue

    Anyways, it's basically simple. High carb day, Low carb day, no carb day.

    so for i'm only on week one so i'm still getting all the numbers right but my intake looks something like this

    high carb day 300-350carbs/300-340protein
    low carb day 150-170carbs/230-250 protein
    no carb day 30-50 carbs/240-260 protein

    I'm working on the no carb day to get it down to about 20-30 carbs a day, in the morning...

    what do you guys think of this cycling routine, it's basically eating 5-6 meals a day, your usual bodybuilding foods, long do you think I should do this for?

    I'm mainly doing this to lean up slightly and make small lean muscle gains, I just wanted to try something different then I'd be doing...

    any input is appreciated...

  2. when u carb cycle ur fats generally will be higher on low carb days, why are u rasing ur protein on high carb days

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lilanimal View Post
    when u carb cycle ur fats generally will be higher on low carb days, why are u rasing ur protein on high carb days
    it wasn't really intentional, I just started eating and didn't u think I should maintain a certain amount of protein on every day? and yes, my fat is probably higher on low carb days, well actually I ate so much on high carb days that it's probably pretty equal

    I'm also taking e-bol right now, and it says to increase protein intake. so i'm trying to get a good amount of protein in every day...250+ grams

  4. i hear what ur saying, protein equal 4 cals carbs equal 4 cals, on high carb days aim for 250 pro, and get ur 350 carbs. Do u have an over all calorie goal? Remeber to burn fat, at the end of the day the only thing that matters is to be in a calorie deficit. Ur high carb day ur eat more than ur low carb day just by looking at what u posted, i think ur over all cals should be the same just change ur ratios. On ur mid carb day ur looking good, on ur low carb day make sure ur fats are higher, and raise ur protein jsut a lil bit more if needed.

  5. Your protein should always stay at 1.5-2g /lb of bodyweight. Carb cycling has worked for me in the past, but I've been getting better results (not as much lethargy on the non-carb days) from just clean bulking and dropping my kcal intake on non-workout days.. Carbs are about timing, when I am bulking I have 3 carb meals a day: breakfast (quaker oats) pre-workout (little brown rice) and the post workout meal (30 minutes after the postworkout carb/creatine shake) When im cutting I usually cut one of the carb meals out and decrease the kcals depending on how I'm looking.



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