PWO after weights/HIIT?

  1. PWO after weights/HIIT?

    I just started to add HIIT after my weights session. I read you should wait an hour to eat after HIIT, but I figure that's by itself. How about after weights/HIIT? Right now I take 3 scoops Xtend PRE, then 3 scoops PWO.
    Soon I'll be on Purple Wraath


  2. I'd increase the amount of carbs PWO than you would have normally taken before adding the HIIT in. I'd shoot for 1gr per kilogram of lean body weight within 40min of ending your workout.

  3. If all you are having before and after ii BCAAs's, then weights coupled with HIIT will surely lead to muscle breakdown.

    I find it best to have a light meal consisting of low-gi carbs and protein about 1 hour before HIIT, it provides you with energy to reach maximum intensity and saves muscle, but there's a great deal of disagreement on that topic.

  4. Why are you doing HIIT after weights? Your bodies main fuel source for weight training is carbs. So you exhaust carbs then do HIIT which pulls from carbs as well. SOunds like a good way to breakdown muscle tissue. I would keep HIIT to another time in the day or off days from weights. I'd recommend low intensity cardio after weights keeping your HR 65%max. Fat is the fuel source so is will spare muslce as much as possible.

  5. I added it to change things up. I was doing light cardio after weights but felt I hit a plateau or something. I work out during lunch time, so I do eat a couple of hours before the gym and right afterwards.



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