Side Effects

  1. Side Effects

    I have had 3 cycles of prohormones beginning summer last year. I have never noticed any side effects other than the usual (increased/decreased sex drive, aggression), but now I have something I am worried about. I noticed a small swollen vein or lump near my testicles today. I am not sure if it is anything to be too concerned with, but nevertheless I am. I looked it up on the web and there was a guy who had a similar problem and his doctor said it was a cyst. Just a buildup of fluid inside an area of the scrotum. Another thing I have had for the past month is perhaps gyno. My nipples are swollen and sore. They are not fatty, and in fact they feel harder. Back when I had mono not too long ago they swelled up so I'm not sure if it is just a swollen lymph node, or maybe it really is gyno. After every cycle I have taken proper post cycle therapy. This includes Nolva and cycle support, as well as perfect cycle. I did not however, take any anti-e while on cycle. Can someone describe to me their own similar symptoms or help inform me of what I may have?


  2. Maybe try some rebound for two weeks. Or just wait it out. If you see no improvement, go see a doctor.

  3. I'd see a doctor. Don't be so quick to blame this on prohormones. You say you had mono, well mono flare-ups aren't unheard of. It hits some people hard and can stick around for a very long time. Describe your symptoms to your doc.

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