Issue with sleeping...

  1. Issue with sleeping...

    Ok Iv searched but cant really come up with anything...iv been trainning pretty hard for the past few months and have seen some great gains . I take CEE and Muscle milk . My issue is that I get tired normally at night but in the middle of the night about 4:30am I wake up for like 30 minutes ... could this be an overtrainning issue or possibly something else? It is like clock work every night for the past couple weeks its been happening. In the past couple months I have def cleaned up my diet as well ....

  2. How much did you clean up your diet, to the point that you're hungry when you go to bed? If so, you could be waking up because you're hungry or carb-deficient. If you haven't been excessively dieting, you might want to check out some of the sleep aid products on the market. Short term melotonin might bring your sleep cycle back to normal. l-tryptophan might help. If you're trying to lose fat, I know that calorie count can be quite a juggling act. You say you've been working out hard. Just make sure you're getting the protein, complex carbs, and nutrients you need to recover.

  3. Not so much dieting to lose weight more of a lean bulk not trying to eat **** but still eating a lot yanno... a ton of protein and what not...

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