sodium levels while for contest diet?

  1. sodium levels while for contest diet?

    ok i know sodium isnt a huge deal weeks out before a show, but i know you dont want to have a really high sodium level. About how much sodium do you need to have in your diet? how much is too less? thanks.

  2. wow this board is smart. come on guys help me out. i know we got a lot of intelligent people on here.

  3. You probably should have posted this in the Bodybuilding Contest Preparation section, seeing as how this is about your bodybuilding contest preparation diet. Anyways, I don't keep specific track of my sodium intake until towards the end of my diet, however I myself like to keep yearround sodium in check and never add salt itself to anything and just watch overall sodium content of foods and condiments.

  4. Best advice is to not stressout about sodium level till final weeks before the show. Your diet should be full of lower sodium foods on a contest cut anyway. Things like salt and other spices help keep sanity.

    Also if you think your bloaded or something cut back on the salt.

    Sodium does not hinder fat loss.

  5. great advice guys, thanks.



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