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    hey brethren, can anyone verify nutritional info (especially carbs) in this grain? i have looked around on the inet & various other sources & the numbers seem to widely vary? for one thing alot of the grains are rated uncooked which is kind of silly in my opinion as some of the items are never eaten this way. sure you can measure before cooking, but i cook this sort of thing up in bulk & need to know how to measure from that standpoint. it gets especially significant if your talking about something cal dense like grains/rices. TIA

  2. wow, nobody knows? well, i imagine alot of guys havn't even heard of oat "groats", for all you hardcore oat heads out there, you ought to check 'em out. it's a little less processed than some & they taste dynamite cooked in a little chicken broth. kind of like a really fat, chewy, brown rice sort of. i'll assume 22gms(carbs) a cooked cup is roughly reasonable to work with until i hear different.

    Oat Groats, Organic

  3. Might pick up a few to try. I've mixed buckwheat into my oats for a while, it takes some getting used to but change is good. Also Bob's red mill sells oat groats, and for some reason their stuff always tastes better as a rule lol.
    Bob's Red Mill - Whole Grain and Gluten Free Products and Recipes

  4. i love the character of these whole grains. alot of texture, a real nutty flavor too. you can make some pretty cool blends too. i like brown rice, wheat berries,barley,etc. screw the bleached, processed, crap!

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