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  1. Thumbs up Wild Oil of Oregano - amazing stuff!

    Last Wed I started coming down with a cold (sniffles, scratchy throat, etc) - no big deal - I have a great immune system and I am rarely out of action for more than a day. Over the weekend I felt ok, but I knew it was getting worse. Monday morning I felt crappy so I took the day off work to look after myself. On Tuesday I felt well enough to go to work. At 2am Wed I woke up coughing - my throat was sore - I was having trouble swallowing and I coughed up some green phlegm - an obvious sign of infection. Rather than see a doctor (I have little faith in them) I started taking Wild Oil of Oregano - it's effect was immediate - I was able to swallow without feeling any pain and my cough stopped almost immediately.

    After taking the day off and dosing myself 3 more times yesterday, I was able to return to work today. Normally an infection like this would stay with me for a week or more, but as of now it's practically gone and I've stopped coughing up phlegm.

    ============================== ==============
    The Wild Oregano Oil Miracle
    Article by Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, MD, MSc

    Oregano oil (Origanum vulgare) is well known in the Mediterranean world (Greece and Crete) for its ability to slow down food spoilage through its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-oxidant activity. The related herbs thyme and marjoram sold in most North American supermarkets, are labeled incorrectly as oregano and possess little of wild oregano's miraculous healing properties.


    Isomeric phenols (primarily carvacrol) in oregano oil in dilutions as low as 1/50,000 destroys Candida albicans, the Aspergillus mold, Staphylococcus, Campylobacter, Klebsiella, E.coli, Giardia, Pseudomonas, and Proteus. Another phenol constituent, thymol, boosts the immune system. These compounds also act as free radical scavengers (shield against toxins) thus preventing further tissue damage while encouraging healing.

    Oil of oregano is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic. It also has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and is an ideal product to use for people who suffer from CFS and/or fibromyalgia. This is not regular oregano, but a wild form (wild mountain oregano, vulgare species) of the spice, which has, until recently, not been available in Canada. Do not use a substitute or oregano from a grocery store because it will have no effect. oil of oregano natural herbal supplement offers a variety of remedies

    Many of us have enjoyed oregano with our foods at one point or another. Nevertheless, how much more would you enjoy it if you realized just how beneficial oregano could be to your health? You would probably sprinkle it on more than just your pizza and spaghetti, right?

    Oregano is one of the most diverse health aids available. Unfortunately, however, most of the oregano that consumers are familiar with contains only trace quantities of the actual species of the plant, or in some cases, none at all.

    Meanwhile, researchers have uncovered numerous benefits to using oregano and extracted oil of oregano. However, buyer beware. These significant health benefits are unattainable if the oregano is not the true substance.

    Nevertheless, true oil of oregano offers many exciting remedies to a variety of ailments. In "Herbal Renaissance", Steven Foster credits oregano as having "been employed to treat indigestion, diarrhea, nervous tension, insect bites, toothache, earache, rheumatism, and coughs due to whooping cough and bronchitis (primarily for it's antispasmodic effects)."

    The ancient Greeks were among the first to take advantage of oregano's medicinal qualities. The Greeks termed the spice oreganos, meaning "delight of the mountains".

    Although there are a wide variety of plants that are confused with oregano (including marjoram, thyme, and sage) true oregano grows wild in Mediterranean regions such as Greece. The wild oregano is the source of surprisingly potent oil of oregano.

    In "The Cure is in the Cupboard", Cass Ingram, D.O., has written a book that is dedicated to unveiling the health benefits of oregano and oil of oregano. He notes that "wild oregano is a veritable natural mineral treasure-house, containing a density of minerals that would rival virtually any food".

    The wild oregano is rich in a long list of minerals that includes calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, and manganese. Vitamins C and A (beta carotene) and niacin also are contained in oregano. Judging from its mineral content alone, it is not hard to figure out why oregano is such a valuable commodity. Consider some of oregano's other useful purposes and it becomes even more obvious.

    "Oregano is one of Nature's finest preservatives", states Ingram in another book, "Supermarket Remedies". The author suggests that if oregano is used with foods such as meat, eggs, milk, or salad, you "will greatly halt the growth of microbes and, thus, reduce the risk for food poisoning."

    The key element in oregano is the oil, which Foster points out "contains carvacrol and thymol as the primary components". Foster attributes the "fungicidal and worm-expellant properties" of oil of oregano to carvacrol and thymol. "These two phenols may constitute as much as 90% of (the oil)."

    However, Ingram adds that these two phenols work "synergistically" and that is the reason oil of oregano packs a double punch in antiseptic power and explains why it is "infinitely more potent than commercial phenol in microbial killing power."

    All of this helps make oregano oil a significant factor in treating internal and external fungi including athlete's foot. Skin conditions such a psoriasis and eczema can be improved with the treatment as well. Ingram explains the astonishing discovery that "oil of oregano outright destroys all variety of fungi and yeasts, regardless of where they reside."

    In addition to fighting various fungi, oil of oregano is useful against bacteria and parasites. As Ingram asserts, "oil of oregano's antiseptic powers are immense . . . it inhibits the growth of the majority of bacteria, something that prescription antibiotics fail to accomplish." In the case of parasites, oil of oregano has had success neutralizing worms, amoeba, and protozoan.

    Additional uses for oregano and oil of oregano are multi-dimensional. It has been found helpful in combating diarrhea, intestinal gas, and digestive problems, as well as sore throat and breathing difficulties. Oil of oregano can be immediately help against bee stings and many venomous bites until medical attention can be reached. Oil of oregano has even been suggested as a treatment for dandruff, diaper rash, and other skin disorders.

    The benefits of oregano has gone largely unnoticed and under publicized for far too long. As Ingram notes, oregano is "one of the world's finest natural medicines, that is if it's true oregano."

    So while oregano may hold the answer for a number of your health questions, be sure that it is in fact the real thing. Remember, these remedies are only attributed to genuine oregano and oil of oregano. Nonetheless, their values are much too important to overlook. Oregano may just be the thing you are searching for, or maybe did not realize was available.

    Oregano: Nature's Healer
    Dr. Cass Ingram

    Dr. Cass Ingram is a physician, educator, and author of over 10 books, including his latest, "The Cure is in the Cupboard".

    I spent the better part of 1995 and '96 investigating the therapeutic values of wild oregano, and publishing the first book on its health benefits called "The Cure is in the Cupboard". I call wild oregano nature's most versatile essential oil.

    Oregano oil is a powerhouse for:

    fighting yeast, fungus (skin and blood-born)

    knocking our allergies, hay fever, and sinusitis

    stopping infections (cold and flu).

    I learned about its strength first hand, as I suffered from a blood-born fungal infection that incapacitated me several years ago. I had to close my practice and move home to live. I tried everything, and ultimately discovered the potent antiseptic activity of wild oregano. It put me back on my feet.

    Of late, the antiallergic feedback I have received has been most impressive. Although the oil of oregano has been used since ancient times to fight yeast, fungal and viral infections, oregano's ability to wipe out allergies, runny nose, sinusitis, and nasal drip has taken me by surprise.


    Please understand, you are not going to get any better eating a pizza! Wild, crude, mountain-grown oregano (from the Mediterranean) is the only kind that is naturally rich in 'carvacrols, flavonoids, and terpenes', which give the oregano its tremendous strength. Carvacrol is a natural phenol that contains powerful anti-microbial activity. Flavonoids provide natural antiseptic properties, and Terpenes (long chain hydrocarbons) are natural anti-inflammatory agents.

    Natural Decongestant

    Carvacrol, Flavonoids, and Terpenes are Mother Nature's antihistamines and decongestants.

    Anti-Allergy Properties

    Every potential allergy sufferer needs to know that wild oregano is capable of halting your next allergy attack in its tracks. It is effective, reliable, and safe. Over-the-counter drugs have side effects, and they are not your only option. Try a natural approach first. Don't be a victim of allergies any more. Wild oregano overpowers them every time.

    Antibacterial Agent

    Oregano is also an excellent antibacterial agent. Its volatile oils are highly active against the majority of pathogenic bacteria, including staph, strep, and E.coli.

    Furthermore, fungal resistance to oregano oil is exceptionally rare. Oregano is such a potent antifungal agent that it is capable of destroying even resistant fungal forms such as the mutated fungi which result from antibiotic therapy.



    Use Wild Oil of Oregano on or in the body. It is strong, so when using it internally, start with small amounts, like one or two drops twice daily in juice.

    Take one drop twice per day working your way to one drop four times per day. Mix with one teaspoon of honey, maple syrup, or olive oil to improve palatability. Take for a period of 15 days and then stop for 15 days. Then repeat the process.

    * Note from gdbear65: I used it full strength - a dropper-full at a time, under the tongue - it burns for 20 to 30 seconds - chase it with some juice.


    Oil of oregano may also be applied topically to treat itches, infections of the skin, gums, teeth, and just about any orifice in the body. Exercise care if you use it in the genital region where it is best mixed with olive oil or coconut oil before application (1 drop per teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil/butter).

    There are no side effects and it is compatible with any other natural remedy or prescription drug.

    Oil of Oregano Effectively Treats:

    acne allergies arthritis asthma athlete's foot constipation croup dandruff diarrhea digestive disturbances insect bites bronchitis canker sores colds flu earaches fatigue gum disease parasites headaches menstrual irregularities psoriasis toenail problems seborrhea ringworm rosacea sinusitis muscle pain varicose veins warts

  2. Nice post!

  3. Funky. You learn somethin new every day

  4. Interesting.... flu season necessatiy perhaps.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  5. I was sceptical when a friend gave me this product when I was sick, but it definately worked. The taste is rather horrible and it actually burned my mouth, but it also significantly cut down on my recovery time. I haven't been sick since, but the next time I begin to feel anything coming on, I'm gonna use it right away.

  6. pill or liquid format?

  7. keep us updated

  8. yea I like oil of oregano, I used to take the dropper bottle under the tongue, and it worked nice (is amazing for bad breath).

    Recently I took capsules to try and eliminate parasites in the intestines. But I noticed that my skin would start to look white, greasy, and my left arm would hurt, hrmmm strange, I wonder why that is.

    You know what else is good, but even more effective than oregano oil, colloidal silver.

  9. Great post! I've used it in the past, but it's been a long time, i guess I forgot. i'll give it a go next time...

  10. Probiotics sometimes help with my wife's UC. Other supps that we've tried are 200:1 aloe vera extract which helps for minor symptoms but once UC gets going full steam it's almost impossible to stop in our experience. Mega dosing fish oil can help mostly as a preventative rather than a treatment per se.

    I would worry about the oregano for my wife since UC is basically an autoimmune disease, this anything that ramps up immune function could be bad.

  11. what brand of fish oil?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by dethklok View Post
    Nordic Naturals
    Ah, a good brand
    I was gonna guess it was cos of the fish oil but it's not el cheapo brand

  13. Great Info!

  14. I picked up some oregano, we'll see how it goes. I'm gonna start off with 1 pill a day for a week. I'll take my fish oil in morning and night to avoid mixing

  15. Just a wife and kid

    What dose did you take? Oregano is suppose to help the stomach etc, kinda odd it'd cause the runs....

    Quote Originally Posted by dethklok View Post
    good idea. especially if you have room mates lol.

  16. I was so inspired to take some right now it was so intense. I have the Liquid kind and wow the taste is out of this world...I know they say put two drops but what's a ML full hahah Coughing for 2 min aint fun but your gettin healthier haha =D

  17. Wow this thread has taken on a life of it's own

    I'm no expert, but I have read that Aloe Vera gel can help with digestive tract problems (motility) as will De-Glycyrrhizinated Licorice Root (DGL) which promotes the production of mucous and pro-biotics will help with digestion. Glutamine also promotes digestive tract health and last but not least dietary considerations, particularly the consumption of processed grains should be addressed.

    For more info regarding grains check out this link: http://www.healthyoptions.co.nz/dec-grains.pdf

  18. How much carvacrol does your pill contain?
    The brand I bought is a 250mg with 20% carvacrol. I started taking 2 a day but haven't noticed anything.

  19. Just since Monday. I take 1 fish oil pill(1000mg) when I wake up and 1 after dinner. 1 propecia before bed. Purple Wraath pre/post workout.
    1 Oregano pill around my 2nd meal and after lunch.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by dlew308 View Post
    How much carvacrol does your pill contain?
    The brand I bought is a 250mg with 20% carvacrol. I started taking 2 a day but haven't noticed anything.
    20% carvacrol is not enough - get a brand that's at least 75% carvacrol and ensure that it is "wild oil of oregano" and not just "oil of oregano"

  21. Quote Originally Posted by gdbear65 View Post
    20% carvacrol is not enough - get a brand that's at least 75% carvacrol and ensure that it is "wild oil of oregano" and not just "oil of oregano"
    Can you suggest some brands? This says moroccan oregano, origanum vulgare extracted 4:1

    An email reply from the company:

    Thank you for your question. Our oregano 4:1 concentrate is not an isolated
    standardized product to carvacrol. I do understand there are many Oregano
    oils out there that are standardized to carvacrol, yet most are isolated and
    fractionized using either hexane extract or Co2 gas which can degrade the
    quality of the herb. We feel that offering the true full spectrum of
    authentic Moroccan oregano gives the best results as it is full of all
    essential oil compounds including carvacrol. I would have to say that I
    assume at least 20% carvacrol, although we do not standardized for it, it
    could even be much higher.


    Scott Bias
    Formulator & Founder

  22. Quote Originally Posted by dethklok View Post
    Hmmm, I'm not sure why you havent noticed anything.

    Oil Of Oregano is something that I will be holding onto and I would like to try it again and run it over the course of a month or so (this winter during cold season??) However, I need to stop using it now and I will be trying Fish Oil solo instead as there is more evidence for helping Crohn's. Since my Prednisone "cycle" has hit me full force, the Fish Oil will not send me to the bathroom as quickly as it did (fingers crossed).

    You might also try large 100 gram doses of Glutamine for healing the erosions/lesions. Helps my wife's UC along with mega dosed fish oil.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by dlew308 View Post
    Can you suggest some brands?
    Hedd Wynn is one that I've used, but if you google "wild oil of oregano", you'll get tons of hits.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by gdbear65 View Post
    Hedd Wynn is one that I've used, but if you google "wild oil of oregano", you'll get tons of hits.
    From that site:
    If headaches, fatigue or flu like symptoms occur after taking Oregano oil, this is a signal that the oil is doing its job and killing pathogens. By drinking lots of water you flush these poisons out of your body.

    I've been have headaches since taking the pills, wonder if it's related?

    I'll have to try that product you linked, thanks

  25. Hmmm does it help with allergies too ?


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