to colon cleanse or not to colon cleanse?

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  1. try RPN gut health, i'm having NO gas at all even with high protein intake. Starting on my second week atm.

  2. This thread has improved while I was gone.

  3. Just like the Vitavitavegamin episode of I Love Lucy...Equate Fiber Therapy, Sugar Free, Orange Flavor.

    Take a big spoonful after every meal

    Quote Originally Posted by livebono View Post
    I've been having some digestive troubles lately, which I attribute to my protein intake, which is fairly high, nothing major, just don't feel like I am "regular." To be more specific, I feel like I alternate between diarrhea and constipation. I also have gas and bloating problems

    I do take digestive enzymes, but they don't seem to be helping, so I've been pondering doing a colon cleanse

    My question is, how will this effect the supplements I'm taking? (I take a multi, fish oils, aminos, and am currently on a cycle of halodrol and winztrol) I don't want to do a colon cleanse and lose all of this stuff, if that's going to happen

    Any ideas?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by fatburner2007 View Post
    Just like the Vitavitavegamin episode of I Love Lucy...Equate Fiber Therapy, Sugar Free, Orange Flavor.

    Take a big spoonful after every meal

    [ame=""]YouTube - I Love Lucy Spoof 07-Lucy Does A Commerical[/ame]

  5. [nomedia=" ed&search="]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Redeemer View Post
    While I respect what you are trying to do, I think your view point is somewhat skewed. Most of the better cleanses out there are fiber based. Not a laxative, and therefore little chance of dependence (I would not reccomend senna for that very reason) Regadless of what the establishment might think, you are not taking into account that the vast majority of people don't get enough fiber to begin with which leads to the buildup of fecal matter on the colon.

    Second, I agree that the human body is amazing at ridding itself of toxins, but we have not kept up pace in our evolution with all the crap that poisons our bodies on a regular basis. These are pretty much too numerous to list, but I don't think cave men were eating fast food, pumping gas, washing their hands with antibacterial soap, using antiperspirents etc. So my unscientific opinion is that the body needs a little help once in awhile.

    Lastly, with all science aside, I also know someone who is on the Natura colonix program and he crapped out soething that was the size of a bicycle tire made up of a rubbery fecal substance. I do not know what it is or was, but I bet the medical community would not reccomend leaving something like that in your digestive tract.

    Gastrointestinal Quackery: Colonics, Laxatives, and Morek

  7. So, the medical establishment has a scarecrow website. Whodathunk.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Grunt76 View Post
    So, the medical establishment has a scarecrow website. Whodathunk.
    Go make some more unregulated health care "professionals" rich by buying their various cleanses to rid you of your paratises.


    What a sucker you are. Amazing that some great sales techniques got you to empty your wallet without doing any research beyond what you read on message boards or in the company's literature.


  9. It's pretty basic. Your body has adjusted to the parasites. Like how we live with E-Coli.
    I eat 3-4 yogurts a day and they are known to help digestion. Fiber as mentioned is huge. Laxative tear the S**t(no pun intended) out of you insides...yea how it burns coming out, imagine that on the inside. They will dry you out also. Use natural laxatives if anything, i.e. apple juice, grapes, watermelon etc. The yogurt thing works best for me i noticed after the first weak eating it regularyl 3-4 times a day i was more relaxed in the situation Also, before bed sometimes i would wake up to a nice little #2 which is a very nice way to start the day.
    take care and good luck with it.

  10. Ever since I developed a strong love for oats (I typically eat them raw in skim milk w/ some protein powder) my GI issues have settled immensely. With how most people on this board eat, additional fiber is a necessity in a BB'ers diet and is underrated in importance by many.
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  12. This one I can help you out with amigo.......I got the same problem!!!....This is all you need

    1.metamusil at least twice a day

    2. fruit and vegetables a must!!!!

    3. lots and lots a water

    Somet times it takes a whole day to work but after that you'll be ****ing like a maniac...good solid **** too

  13. I am of the opinion that unless you're having problems a colon cleanse is unwarranted. The colon cleanses itself naturally. How many of us have had a bout of diarrhea? Do you really think that there's any fecal matter left in the colon after a bout of diarrhea?

    Fiber and water are critically important to keeping things moving. There are 2 types of fiber - soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber picks up water as it passes through thereby adding mass to fecal matter, making it move more easily. Insoluble fiber cleanses the colon and intestines with a gentle scraping action. Most people, when adding fiber to their diet address the deficiency of soluble fiber, but forget to increase their insoluble fiber. One of the best products I've found for adding both types of fiber is Bowel Buddy. Try them for 2 weeks - you will notice a difference.

  14. Different cleanses are a great way for companies to profit off of people that they pitch this b.s. to. If you have a problem and feel something is wrong with you go get it checked out, but these cleanses are absolute bullsh-t.

    There was this guy who for 30 minutes told me the reason I have a thin layer of water on my skin blurring my muscle is due to heavy toxification on the surface and the only way to get rid of it is a 3 month process for 400.00. Um, yeah I pity anyone who believe this non-sense.

    As for 'toxins' Sour is right, what toxins ? If these scam companies would specifically state what ingredients are listed under toxins maybe it might make more sense. The body can detox itself assuming your a healthy person.


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