to colon cleanse or not to colon cleanse?

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  1. cleanse colon

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  2. This one I can help you out with amigo.......I got the same problem!!!....This is all you need

    1.metamusil at least twice a day

    2. fruit and vegetables a must!!!!

    3. lots and lots a water

    Somet times it takes a whole day to work but after that you'll be ****ing like a maniac...good solid **** too

  3. I am of the opinion that unless you're having problems a colon cleanse is unwarranted. The colon cleanses itself naturally. How many of us have had a bout of diarrhea? Do you really think that there's any fecal matter left in the colon after a bout of diarrhea?

    Fiber and water are critically important to keeping things moving. There are 2 types of fiber - soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber picks up water as it passes through thereby adding mass to fecal matter, making it move more easily. Insoluble fiber cleanses the colon and intestines with a gentle scraping action. Most people, when adding fiber to their diet address the deficiency of soluble fiber, but forget to increase their insoluble fiber. One of the best products I've found for adding both types of fiber is Bowel Buddy. Try them for 2 weeks - you will notice a difference.

  4. Different cleanses are a great way for companies to profit off of people that they pitch this b.s. to. If you have a problem and feel something is wrong with you go get it checked out, but these cleanses are absolute bullsh-t.

    There was this guy who for 30 minutes told me the reason I have a thin layer of water on my skin blurring my muscle is due to heavy toxification on the surface and the only way to get rid of it is a 3 month process for 400.00. Um, yeah I pity anyone who believe this non-sense.

    As for 'toxins' Sour is right, what toxins ? If these scam companies would specifically state what ingredients are listed under toxins maybe it might make more sense. The body can detox itself assuming your a healthy person.


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