Random questions from a newb.

  1. Random questions from a newb.

    1. If I do cardio like 45minutes before bed and I am trying to lose weight should I not eat or should I still eat some chicken or a protein shake before bed or just go to bed hungry?

    2. After a work out is it better to eat a sandwhich with like 30-40g of whole grain carbs or is it better to just eat a piece of chicken with like 20-30g of powdered gatorade (dextrose carbs)?

    3. When do you usually take your multivitamin?

    4. When trying to cut weight and retain muscle is it better to go for a 30minute jog after work out or an intense 10minutes of HIIT?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. 1. Cottage cheese would be a great option right before bed
    2.Either is probably ok depending on your overall diet plan, i like the sandwich option better.
    3.Depends if you are taking a 1 a day, or 2 a day, first thing in the morning if 1 a day, if 2 a day then first thing then another 8-10 hrs later.
    4. the jog is better if you are trying to retain muscle, HIIT is awesome for fatloss butusually will eat muscle away too unless your diet is really dialed in.

  3. Thanks, man!

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