Cound it be the fish oil?

  1. Cound it be the fish oil?

    I was taking fish oil pills 3 times a day. I've had heartburn for awhile and noticed even when taking preacid, I still get bad heartburn and noticed it's usually after taking 1 fish oil pill. Is fish oil known to cause heartburn or other stomach issues?

  2. Yea try taking it with food, switching to a non-reflux one, or an enteric coated one.
    That will teach you for buying cheap fish oil

  3. Is there a non-flux brand? What brands should I look at?
    Thanks ^_^

  4. Well one of the ones I use says non-reflux.
    I know nordic naturals is good, and NP has it.

  5. I picked up a bottle of KAL omega-3 lemon. No reflux so far.



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