Diet Question(s)

  1. Diet Question(s)

    Alright so I just crafted what my diet should look like for 7 days, and now I just realized that I think I might have a major flaw: Trying to figure out what meals to eat on what days. I broke it down into 7 days(as i stated above) and here are what the distributions look like:

    Day 1 and Day 2
    Cals Fat(g) Carbs(g) Protein(g)
    Target 3061 49 291 364

    Day 3

    Target 2727 43 260 325

    Day 4
    Target 3109 49 297 370

    Day 5
    Target 4052 64 386 483

    Day 6
    Target 2447 39 233 291

    Day 7
    Target 3158 50 301 376

    Pretty much Day 1 corrosponds to Sunday and then the rest follows from there. In terms of a cheat day Friday is the best(its almost lent and my Firedept has world class Fish fry's). In terms of training I do Sun-Monday off Tuesday Wed-Thursday Off Friday and Saturday. I question putting my cheat day on the higest calorie day, but I'm not sure.

    Any help would be appericated.

  2. are you carb cycling? also what are your goals?

  3. looks like hes calorie cycling. ive actually had good results doing something similar. looks like the ratios remain fairly constant. you might wanna play with those a bit to determine which route is most effective. my metabolic type is perfect for your outline as i respond much better to clean carbs than healthy fats.

  4. I'm trying to loose weight I'm clockin in at about 270ish.

  5. Hey spectre, it seems to me you might want to give a little more information than been given so far. I think this situation would be more fit to discuss in another venue. Send me a message on AIM (if you don't have it , get it, its easy). And we can go from there. I would be very willing to help you achieve your goals. Thanks.



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