crohn's disease?

  1. crohn's disease?

    anybody had any success or know of any unusual great links? have a good week brethren.

  2. The only thing I have seen work well is surgery. Diet is the only thing to really fight it. Terrible disease.

  3. The use of a good probiotic can help with symptoms.I use Garden of Life probiotics and Dsade has a product called gut health out that could be of benefit.Good luck and prayers go out to you!

  4. Some have claimed that large doses of cucurmin can keep it under control, but yes, its a rotten disease to deal with. My wife has ulcerative colitis and we've tried practically everything to get it under control. Thus far, predinisone is about the only thing that puts it into remission.

    One thing that has helped us a lot is DHEA. Often DHEA levels of crohn's or UC patients are low. Supplementing with small (5-15 mg) doses can help to keep you in remission if not get you there.

    Read up on natural hormone replacement for the treatment of chronic illnesses. It could make a big difference.

  5. I have a close friend who's severe Crohn's symptoms, actually brought him to the brink of death. His surgery went well and a large portion of the infected intestine was removed however, many of the problems still remained (but to a lesser degree).

    Thankfully.... when he put the prescriptions to the side for a while (the prednisone nearly killed him), and tried the nutritional approach in an effort to actually correct the problem.... it worked!

    Here are some supplements that turned his life around, and should be of great benefit to your condition, so research for yourself.... and the truth will follow.

    Understand that inflammation plays a major role in many gastrointestinal disorders, including Crohn's. The administration of various supplemental anti-inflammatory/antioxidant nutrients is crucial, as the medications that are given for Crohn's are usually immunosuppressive and in time, will jeopardize immunological homeostasis.

    It is imperative to reduce the load on the pancreas via the administration of digestive enzymes prior to, and or in between meals. A quality probiotic formula will also significantly improve digestion and overall intestinal health. The combined administration of these supplements is especially important following the use of antibiotics, as they replenish the benificial bacteria that were destroyed (another cause of immunosuppression). They have the ability to down-regulate pathogen adherence to the intestinal wall. The areas that were formerly protected by the beneficial intestinal flora, are left open and are vulnerable to attack by infection, yeasts, parasites, ect. This can result in dysbiosis, and is associated with various inflammatory diseases of the bowel, skin, or connective tissue. Probiotics/digestive enzymes will effectively enhance fibrin reduction. Fibrin regulates the inflammatory response in neuroinflammatory diseases. The systemic administration of probiotics/digestive enzymes (ingestion on an empty stomach), is also an extremely effective approach to blood purification.

    The supplementation of Omega 3's from fish oil. Omega 3's will significantly suppress the inflammatory mediators, leukotriene B4, and prostaglandin E2 (the ones responsible for causing pain and inflammation).

    The more substantial polyphenol antioxidants found within Grape Seed Extract/Resveratrol/Oleuropein, ect., also aquire some scientific validation in reducing prooxidant cell damage, as well as attenuating inflammation. Resveratrol has been shown to effectively suppress the production of inflammatory cytokines, and also displays antifungal properties. It is a very powerfull phytoestrogen which displays significant anticarcinogenic, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective properties. In clinical trials, peroxynitrite has been shown to be effectively inhibited via resveratrol. Other studies have indicated that peroxynitrite-induced oxidation of thiol groups (this relates to NAC/ALA and glutathione) is effectively down-regulated following oral administration of resveratrol. I would also add Ester C and quercetin.

    Circumin is another powerfull compound that has been shown to effectively inhibit the pro-inflammatory protein NF-kB, which is amongst other things, is responsible for inflammation-induced tumor growth.

    MSM displays the unique ability to inhibit pain impulses amongst neuron fibers, while at the same time reducing inflammation.

    Side effects and discomfort caused by gastrointestinal disorders have been greatly minimized in a clinical setting, by the administration of L-glutamine in dosages upwards of 20-30 grams a day.

    NAC, ALA, and Silymarin, are all thiol nutrients that have been proven to significantly up-regulate total/intracellular glutathione levels, and glutathione is our primary endogenous, immunoprotective/hepatoprotective tripeptide antioxidant. It enhances a plethora of vital biological functions, like the defense against sickness, pollution, infection, trauma-induced/free radical-induced oxidative damage, DNA mutation, neurotoxicity, peroxynitrite toxification, cell apoptosis, lipid peroxidation, ect.

    I hope this helps!

  6. I have crohn's and always recommend curcumin, helped me more than anything else by far.
  7. Crohns BLOWS

    I was diagosed with Crohns in Sept '06, and to my angered dismay, my creatine supplementation and other supps (such as a cycle of Superdrol from Feb 06) came under scrutiny. I've felt so upset about the dibilitation of it. I have had to start with the standard low residue and low fiber diet, no dairy, etc... Which isn't very healthy in my opinion. White bread and chicken breast and tuna is fine and dandy, I'm used to tuna, but a single antioxident will be hard to come by in them. It's like finding out I have a terminal illness so far, that's how upset I am over this, I don't understand how last spring I ate 3500 cals some days of anything I wanted while bulking (I don't mean just junk, I mean pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads, veggies, fruits, fiber, dairy, etc...) and now my body can't tolerate it, yet supposedly the Crohns has been in hiding (as I understand, dormant). Anyways, I have no clue what works and what doesn't. But I keep feeling like this will kill my bodybuilding goals for life, I lost almost all the muscle I've ever put on last fall, and only gained about 75% of it back since then, now I'm cutting again for summer.

    I'm elated to find out some people still bodybuild w/ Crohns, as the two seem like they contradict each other to me at this stage, since Crohns has destroyed me physically and mentally.

    I'd love to hear any explanation on how I could have had Crohns for months (years?) of eating anything, then something triggered a flare up (I suspect it was the 4 muscle milks I had over a weekend) and since then, all foods have to be chosen carefully. Will I get out of the flare up and be able to be more liberal just avoiding the couple foods my body chose as it's bad foods?

  8. The real problem with theses diseases is that there is no agreed upon cause for them. There's everything from parasites, bacteria and fungi invaders to basic autoimmune disruption. Most experts agree that it is an autoimmune response that gets way out of control with some indicators pointing at a specific gene trigger that turns on during periods of duress..hence immunosuppressant therapies seem to work the best.

    From a preventative side, I think alternative medicine is the best course. focusing on diet and anti-inflammatory supplementation as well as hormonal optimization can keep a person in remission. Once Chrohn's or UC erupts fully, I think there is little alt medicine can do and one must relegate themselves to prednisone or other immunosuppressant use.

    With predinisone use, one very good way we have found to both boost it's effectiveness and reduce it's side effects is to stack DHEA with it in comparable if your on 50 mg of Pred, take around 50 mg of DHEA.

    With our latest bought of UC, my wife was not responding to Pred and this was extremely problematic as she was pregnant and feeling completely miserable. After delving into the research there was indeed some indication that DHEA use could help in several areas but this could also initiate labor. After waiting until the 8th month of pregancy, my wife simply could not take the symptoms anymore..between the UC, the pred sides, and the pregnancy itself she hadn't slept in 7 months, was losing weight and this was putting the baby at risk. She then decided to initiate the DHEA at 50 mg with the understanding that this may induce labor, but by this time she was more than ready.

    The DHEA immediately relieved some of her symptoms from the pred and within 48 hours of administration, we were in the delivery room giving birth to our daughter who was and is quite healthy.

    There were several complications from the birth and the of which was that she ended up having to have 4 units of blood transfused because she had been bleeding for most of the pregnancy. The pregnancy itself really complicated and compounded the UC symptoms.

    Now the Mrs is doing much better and weaning off the Pred as we speak. She is on a maintenance dose of 25 mg of DHEA, but when she lowers the dose of pred we raise it to 50 mg for 2-3 days. I devised this as a method of cushioning the blow of dropping the pred dosage. ANyone who has used it knows that getting off the prednisone is harder than anything else.

    So far, it has worked like a charm and her run of pred is much much easier on her than it was last time. She's able to sleep and has very few of the typical pred sides.


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