Fitday software

  1. Fitday software

    Has anyone tried the fitday software they offer for $20? How does it vary from the free service? For $20 it might be worth it...

  2. It allows you to DL the program and use it offline. This is good for those with laptops etc that need to track this but don't have access to the internet. Very much worth the 20 bucks.

  3. I've got it. It also allows better creation of custom foods. I like it a lot. (now maybe I'll remember to use it)

  4. Yeah I have it, its easier to navigate, create food, etc. But I dont think its really that much better. If you have internet access and remember to add everything to fitday, then I wouldnt really recommend buying it.

  5. Regular fitday can be used to create custom foods. It's just a portable version that can be used offline. It's a good investment for two reaons. One that I mentioned above already and two: You're supporting a product that you use and helps keep you in check.



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