natural bodybuilding

  1. natural bodybuilding

    i had a bad experience on pro hormones so unable to take any supplements just protein i think im allowed. Anyone got any tips for natural bodybuilding???????????????izza:

  2. Eat a ton, but eat right.

    Train a lot, but don't overtrain.

    There are a ton of useful thread on this board for the natural BBer. I know there are a bunch of guys here who do just that.

    Check out the Nutrition, Training and Supplement forums...

  3. Sleep and eat well, supplementation will come after this. Once everything is in check, then you can start using supplements. I am a natural BBer as well, and I started getting results when I got a trainer. I am now eating more, losing fat, and gaining muscle at the same time. It's all about how much efforts you want to put into it. A good multivitamin, like NOW's daily vits, fish oil (1-3 grams a day), and extra protein to meed your daily requirements are very usefull. Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have questions.

  4. Much of the training and nutrition advice on the boards applies equally well to both natural and androgen-assisted trainees. On-cycle you can recover faster and probably efficiently utilize more protein, but the basic principles are the same.

  5. Eat, sleep, & train. It's not as complicated as rocket science once you nail your diet and training

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior View Post
    Eat, sleep, & train. It's not as complicated as rocket science once you nail your diet and training
    Agreed. Sleep is a big part. If your not getting it use a sleep aid like gaba. Do what it takes to gte eight hours per night, Generally, sure sometimes you cant always but most times. If you dont get your sleep musclemass is comprised along with increased cortisol, and a decrease in testostrone by forty percent.

    Supplemention- Using what works.Things Ive found I think works, Portein Powder, Creatine, Nac, L-Leucine, Taurine(for muscle Volume),A good Muli, Vit C. Nootropics are useful for mind enhancement

    The last possible anabolic I out into my body was back in June/May and it was Gaspari's Nolvedex XT. I love the challange of challange myself with androgens, Legal or Illegal, to just challange myself.


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