My bulking diet, is it ok?

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    I will agree here. I'm thinkin the mass amount of gear and shear mammoth amounts of food are making the waists of the mass monsters not so appealing. Just last night I was on youtube watching some coleman vids. In 1997 his waists was tight....98 and 99 he looked good too....after that his waist just grew faster then the rest of him!!
    Don't you know? Those are muscles that grow from the kidney!!!

  2. cant understand how to work fitday site, can someone do this for me?

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    There is an awful lot wrong with start with the fat gain had to be astronomical. Even the guys that do ultra-marathons don't burn anywhere near that amount of calories a day.
    Well, dude, Its ucsb, I was basically biking around campus all day. Doesn't compare to a marathon, ill admit, but still. We basically bike all day, work out with weights for 1-2 hours a day, and rock-climb for 1-2 hours a day. And im young
    Boiling crockpot of male hormone
    (thass from futurama, dunno if any1 would get it...)

  4. An seriously, like each sandwich (with fries and smoothie and cookie) had over a thousand calories, i wasn't forcing food down at all, just enjoying myself...
    remember, I love to eat...

    I've always wanted to experimentally take some grub-on or black hole, lol.

  5. as you can see i have now added my diet. i just hope im eating at the right times!

  6. What shake do you use?

  7. Thats alright i figure. I would fluctuate to a high of around 3800 and a low of about 3300 through the week. Personally i would up the protein to about 330 and up the fats to around 90. If you stick to a diet regime after a month or 2 your body will tell you what to do. you have to keep with it though


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