Software for Tracking Diet, Weight, Gains, etc.

  1. Software for Tracking Diet, Weight, Gains, etc.

    Anyone use good software for keeping accurate logs and activities of food and training? Looking for a good piece of software to purchase if anyone has any good recommendations. I am looking for something powerful. LOL

  2. Food .....

  3. i have an excell program thai found on another BB site that i can post up next week when im home... sorry i dont have it with me here.. but it tracks everything...

  4. spreed sheet works good.

  5. is kind of a "dumbed down" version i guess, alot of people like it though, and you can track alot of stuff.

  6. After some searching I found that Calorie Counter and Diet Tracking, Nutrition Data, Water Consumption - has a nice interface with lots of good options. I didn't give that long of a try, but it also worked. Calorie Counter Database - Free Online Diet Program seemed interesting as well, and is like a dictionary when you want to find out anything about a specific food.

  7. Fitday is good for food.

    For weight and lifting progress, a spreadsheet is simple and works as well as anything else. You really just need to track your progress week-by-week, so you can have your lifts down the left side, the dates along the top, and then just fill in what you put up every session.


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