My ultimatum!

  1. My ultimatum!

    So here is my situation...I want to eat eggs...i really do. But I can not keep them down to save my life. I have never been a fan of eggs so i always stayed away from them. Now that they would be very beneficial for my interests, I would like to eat them.

    After many attempts, I have found the only way that i can eat eggs is if I have a METRIC CRAP-TON of cheese with it. I use 2%, and really its has to be a lot of cheese. So my question bad is cheese for you? I woudl eat it one meal a day, and hopefully with 3 egg whites and one whole egg. I would need at least a half a cup a cheese to stomach this. Is the eggs worth consuming all of this cheese?


  2. If you get low fat cheese, then its good for you, the protein in the cheese far outweighs the fat.

  3. Eat Cirak (pronouced Sid-ack) it's a slovak cheese that's made from eggs and milk, commonly prepared during the Easter Holiday, and often dipped in a sauce made from prunes or cranberries (or it might be cherries) and horseradish.

    My grandma makes this every year for easter. It's quite good, especially with the sauce.

  4. You can buy liquid egg whites in the carton. Some are colored yellow and have an "egg" taste, but others are pretty much tasteless. You can add them to a fruit shake and not even know they're in there. Maybe try that.

  5. The Egg Whites in a carton are not half bad. I have my wife using them and she will usually throw a slice of fat free cheese on them. Good old Egg Beaters



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