New Here *PLZ READ* greatly appreciate it

  1. New Here *PLZ READ* greatly appreciate it

    Ok everyone first I want to start off and say hello to everyone Please read all this I try to keep everything to one post so here it goes. I have been reading the forums here for about a week so far and I just love it here. I want to try and get some advice and I will try to keep it all in one post so I donít need to be all over. I will start out by giving a small background. Iím 25/m height is 5í10 current weight is now at 211. I recently had a son this summer and well he made me want to be healthier before I just ate whatever was easiest for me to grab. I been dieting and working out for about 3 months now I also was on hydroxycut and I lost 30lbs so far so im done from around 240 to 211. I would say I have a pretty thick frame up top wide shoulders and chest really skinny legs though most of my weight now is all in my stomach area. As far as diet goes well I know a lot of people here have everything down perfect and im trying to get there but I just got out all the crap foods no soda only water. Eating oats and eggs and yogurt adding wheat germ to chicken lots of veggies and just watching what I eat no bad snacks or nothing only clean calories. I can get bmi done I tried and it said I was like at 26% or so and avg weight for 5í10 should be like 170ish which I donít want to be. I like being thicker up top and I prefer not to look all skinny and to lean. I also have hemophilia which many may not know but is a bleeding disorder so it was one of the main reasons I started to loose weight and lift I feel better then ever so far but I have a ways to go. My questions for you guys are I know you cant turn fat into muscle but at what point should I stop the cardio or slow it down currently im doing it 4x a week mostly cycling cuz its low impact on the joints the hemophilia has caused me to have not the best ankles but they are getting better. Also I plan to get a gym membership and right now im doing pretty much an all dumbbell routine with 20lb dumbbells I know not a lot but I wanted to start out slow with my condition I had an uncle with hemophilia as well and he was huge and big into lifting so I know I can get there. This is my routine right now plus the cardio and I do abs on the off days.]Dumbell Exercises For Home And The Gym

    )sorry for cutting out part of the link im below 20 post)

    I know im throwing a lot out there and I been using search and reading my ass off like crazy just a lot to take in im so serious about living a better lifestyle and I will not go back to my old ways and I plan to be around here and get to know some of you guys. So for now should I continue to loose the weight and then get into the heavy lifting my goal would be to be around what I weight now 210 but be solid no fat I know I cant turn the fat to muscle so do I loose it first get down to like 18o or so then bulk up form there the clean way and start getting serious about weightlifting. My other big question I been reading all over about Anabolic PUMP and this stuff seems amazing can I start something like this. As far as supplements go all I take is a multi and some fish oil I been off the hydroxycut for a little while now. I know I just type a lot and I appreciate any help im very serious about changing my lifestyle and any help or assistance I would appreciate greatly.

  2. You have lost a significant amount of weight(30lbs). It takes your body time to adjust to its new form, you may want to stablize on the fatloss aspect of your training. It may be better for you to start building your muscle groups and developing your training schedule structure into your daily life. Excessive dieting will always leave you tired and less motivated to work out. I takes about 2 years to adjust your diet in a stable enough manner that you can feel comfortable as you and your friends and family get used to your new life style. Good luck!!! Always feel free to ask questions. Just be aware that this board offers advice and encouragement but , it is your responcibility to make changes in your own life!!!

  3. I would just start concentrating on bulking. You will be surprised how much fat you can burn up from bulking alone. You can cut up later or slowly add a little at a time. Instead of trying to burn it off, just keep doing what your doing with your diet.

    Keep the nasty carbs out etc, which is what your doing. Any reason why you ditched the Hydroxycut? I would get back on it and add L-glutamine as well. But your generally on the right track, the trick now is to just keep it up.

  4. Actually i just ran out of the hydroxy I wasnt sure if it was something to stay on or not maybe i should do one more bottle jaydee...Thanks for all the advice maybe i will start to just get as serious as i can i really havent not been tired at all i think its crazy the kind of motivation you get when for so long i was just at the point where i just wanted to sit i was active most of my life but eventually let the hemophilia take ove rmy mind and i just played it safe and sat around..since my son its diffrent i just have a ton of will when i finally get my mind in the right place...SO from what i see so far try to bulk now and then cut later? ..Also any info on Anabolic Pump for someone who is just starting with weights and any other suggestions on my workout routine above anything to add would be appreciated...I do appreciate everyones patience i understand people probally ask things often but i just kinda been reading myself into the ground and not sure where to go haha..But hopefully i can contribute someways to the community thanx again.

  5. Hmm came back i posted another reply but it didnt post oo well ill type again..I just ran out of the hydrox wasnt sure it was something to really stay on maybe i should do another bottle..I will look into the L-glut never read into that yet..As far as my workout should i go more intense any insight there at all..Its crazy i dont even want to eat the crap foods anymor ei have no taste for it..I think after living on my ass for a while there and lettingmy condition control my mind..and then getting a wakeup call my son i have all the motivation i need and never will go back to them old ways...Im going to do some more reading on the bulking..I think the bulking will help me cut some of the fat off the rest of my body besides the stomach actually looks ok wide chest n shouldars i always bene told i have a nice upper body frame and should workout so here it goes...Any insight on anabolic pump for someone in my situation? ....Thanks everybody and im glad to be apart of this community and hope to contribute anyways i can.

  6. Anymore help would be appreciated would love to hear other peoples insight here...sorry for that double post there didnt show for a while.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jaydee
    I would just start concentrating on bulking. You will be surprised how much fat you can burn up from bulking alone.

    I am not sure but its possible the fish oil could make your bleeding disorder worse as it thins the blood and in larger doses I believe it can lower platelets, Take some vitamin K and vitamin C wich can help your blood clot particurly the vitamin K.

    I would recomend you take ZMA wich can support LBM and help reduce fat.

  8. i will def look into that for example they dont recomend me takin asprin as well because it thins the blood i will def ask my doctor about that thank you hectic.. I will also look into zma...I tried my own protein shake today which was kinda weak but i was short on time i used some slim fast powder 80z slim milk 2tbs of light whipped cream 2bs wheat germ and a half of serivng of cottage cheese i know prolly not the best ever but hey im trying lol


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