Show time(HELP)

Im 16 weeks out from football season and I have been working out hard for 8 weeks now and have gotten some good gains. Its time to step it up the plan is to gain lean mass .Im 5-10 228 lbs B/F20-25% I think. Id like to be about 215-220.My training is good about 5 days a week no cardio yet I will save that till about 6 weeks out and do some core training. But I need help with a meal plan. I have no problem eating 6 meals a day and i am open to any type of food. Please post some links or your plan.

Supplments are whey protein,Nox explode, A good vulti,and luetor (bcaas)

My food log is week

1.Shake,2 pcs whole grain toast with P/B
2.1 can tuna,Water,apple,orange
3.Shake.left overs from supper the night before.,apple
4.Shake,apple ,orange,Granola bar.
5.Supper what ever the wife cooks .

I told you it was week .I am seriously about this and want to make great gains .So I will take all advise given.