Testosterone levels blood work

  1. Testosterone levels blood work

    I have to get a fasting lipid profile at the hospital d/t having sleep apnea. I would also like to get my bound/unbound testosterone levels checked too. Do I need a script from my family practitioner or can I ask for this test on my own when I go for the fasting lipid profile/cdc? If I do need a script/permission from the doctor how much difficulty or explaining will I need to do in order for him to write the script?
    I am getting ready to do an MASS FX/Powerfull/Cissus rx cycle and want to see where I'm at testosterone level-wise. Lastly, if my testosterone levels are very low from my previous Superdrol cycle, would I be able to get my family practitioner to right a testosterone script? Thanks for the help.

  2. I believe it all depends on your health insurance provider.

    I'm with Kaiser and all I had to do was call the 1-800 number on my insurance card and request a hormone test. They did ask why, and I just told them I had some concerns that my Testosterone levels were low. I went to get my blood drawn couple days later and I didn't have to pay anything (not even a co-pay).

    As far as getting a perscription for Testosterone, that I am not sure of. I believe you can get a perscription if you are below 280ng/dL (or whatever your doc considers below normal). But like I said it all depends on your health care provider.

  3. If you don't mind paying for the test there are services where you just order the test you want online, they fax you the paperwork, and then you go in to a clinic near you anytime and get the blood drawn. No doctor/prescription required.

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