Best type of oil to use to make different foods?

  1. Best type of oil to use to make different foods?

    I'm looking for the healthiest kind of oil to use to cook foods such as fish in. I'm looking for oils with the healthiest fatty acid concentrations. Can anyone recommend any?


  2. For cooking, you want a heat stable oil. The best in my opinion is coconut oil (a really good quality one). The best site to buy it (I've researched a bunch) is (or something like that). Best value for a very high quality oil. Because it's a saturated fat, it's ideal for higher heat cooking. Ghee or butter is also okay.

    But a little olive oil is okay as well, though I tend to prefer my olive oil raw to maximize its health benefits. Macadamia oil is also good for cooking. Never cook polyunsaturated oils like flax or walnut. You can get away with a small amount of peanut or sesame, but not too often.

  3. What do you think about enova jinx? Im a fan, but would like your input on it.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jason Pegg
    What do you think about enova jinx? Im a fan, but would like your input on it.

    hm, I dunno. Coconut oil is actually lower in calories than Enova, plus the MCTs are burned like carbs, not fat, plus, as a saturated fat it's better for higher heat cooking and baking. Enova looks alright, but I'd personally rather get my monounsaturated oil from something like EVOO, since it's so high in antioxidants, and my polys from fish and flax (fish has a positive impact on body comp), and then cook with coconut oil.

    It also sounds like Enova, like coconut oil, is not ideal for certain diets like the Anabolic Diet, that are all about eating high fat 'regular' oil in quantities that force the body to burn fat for energy. MCTs and Enova would be treated like a carb in that kind of situation - they seem to kind of ride the line between carbs and fat as far as how your body responds to them.

    I worry about an oil like Enova 'displacing' healthier oils in the diet, and I would question whether it has a good antioxidant profile, any other health benefits. Plus it's basically flavourless, which in my view can be bad, but not always.

    It seems it would be perfect for a hardgainer to use when bulking, to get calories without adding too much fat, but without having to cut back on other healthy EFAs and oils.

  5. Grapeseed oil was mentioned to me by a friend. What do you all think?

  6. i've never used it but it's got a high smoke point and i think it's relatively flavourless if you want an oil that is milder. Good for cooking

  7. Yea, After I posted about Grapeseed, I found Grapeseed cooking spray that we got at Whole Foods. It says it's for heat up to 450 degrees. They have some others as well. I love cooking. I love eating. I love eating while I'm cooking. I don't think Racheal Ray is the hottest but I'd still spray her down with it. Happy cooking.

  8. Yes, grapeseed oil is a good antioxidant and as mentioned has a high flash point.
    Recent log:

  9. Sawflower Oil is good for baking type foods
    Not that I bake, but one can dream can't he. Ha Ha


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