slight nipple discharge not related to steroids...please help!!!

  1. slight nipple discharge not related to steroids...please help!!!

    So, a few weeks ago I ordered 2 bottles or powerfull and one bottle of activate and rebound reloaded. I started by taking the powerfull (worked up to 8 a day) until the first bottle was finished. For almost 2 weeks I have been taking 8 powerfull a day along with 4 activate, and 3 RR.

    I was browsing a thread and I read how some kid said that he squeezed his nipple and a clear fluid discharged. So, I figured I'd give mine a squeeze and see what happened. Low and behold, a tiny bit of clear fluid came out of my left nip

    I have never had gyno, my nipples are not overly sensitive, there are no lumps, growths, or deposits around/under or near my nipples or breast. But, when I squeezed my left nipple kinda hard, and sometimes the right one too, I can notice like a tiny bit of clear fluid coming out of one of the pores on the tip. It is not enough to leak down, and only does it when I squeeze it. But it was enough to freak me out. I have been periodically doing it since I first noticed it a few days ago, and it seems as if it is starting to lessen, and only does it someimtes now.

    I was wondering if somehow it could be from the supps I am on, but I thought AIs were used to combat this?? I would just like some information and help, cuz Ive been pretty worried as to why this is happening. Thanks!!!!

  2. like it said in your other thread, vitamin b6 400-600mg a day spread out

  3. You should visit a physician as it could indicate a few health issues.
    A fluid discharge from the nipple can be a sign of breast cancer. In case you did not know, men can develop breast cancer as well.
    Another possibility could be a prolactin issue. Now this issue could be caused by the supplements you or using or it is possible that it is being caused by a pituitary gland issue which would need to be treated.

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