how does everyone eat their steaks/beef?

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  1. how does everyone eat their steaks/beef?

    i always eat mine veyr rare,searing them on both sides quickly to brown it nicely,then let it sit for like 5 minutes.Yum! just curious how everyone else eats theirs.

  2. The rarer the better. Just wipe it's a$$ and slap it on my plate baby!
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  3. Medium, and preferrably a Ribeye.

  4. i guess it depends whos paying? haha

  5. Medium-Rare (because I don't trust anyone) New York cut and has to be THICK!

  6. Rare as possible...just seared on the outside.

  7. Medium rare, thick, rib eye With garlic mashed potatoes

  8. Grilled to medium rare. Its 8am and now I'm hungry for a steak!

  9. I'm a medium-well to well guy. I used to be paranoid of food-born illness. Then I just got used to well-done.

    Rib-eye is definitely the most tasty cut. Don't make it a staple if you're cutting, though.

  10. just a blush of pink. a little salt and pepper no sauces of any kind. if it needs covering then it needed to be a better cut of beef.

  11. Medium Ribeye / Porterhouse

  12. Steaks - RARE!
    Burgers - medium rare

    On cuts of beef (steaks), e coli and other harmful bacteria can only be on the outside. You only need to make sure the surface is heated. The inside can be raw and still be safe. For this reason, I prefer my steaks almost still alive enough to walk off the plate. If my mouth is not covered in blood when I'm done then it was overcooked.

    On burgers, unfortunately, since the beef has been ground, e coli can be anywhere, so it needs to be heated all the way through... Hence, medium-rare.

  13. Straight from the pasture. Just give me fork and dig in. LOL
    Usually rare or medium rare. More nutrients that way.
  14. Cool

    Gonna have to stray from the majority crowd on this one.
    I like my steaks well done, but not dry. It's gotta be juicy. I like my steaks the way I like my women........"DARK AND JUICY". I also like to have it w/ baked potato, steak sauce, and non-fat sour creme and veggies. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... THATS what the F#@$ IM TALKIN BOUT!

  15. mid-rare filet. im not a fan of sirloins for the bloodline or ribeyes for all the outside fat. NY strip is tasty but only sometimes so i stick with my filet. i wont turn down a free steak, regardless of cut, but if im buying - filets.

    LOL unicorn i know to each his own, everyone likes their steaks differently, but a good steak doesnt need any kind of steak sauce. well done just kills the taste i think too, but i know everyone is different. i work at Copelands, we buy the same steaks as Ruth Chris so i eat them all the time baby woo

  16. Yeah gotta go with as bloody as possible, definitely medium rare or rare. I like mine to still be mooing, lol. Can't stand the medium-well or well done it taste too much like chewing on a shoe

  17. Crust on the outside, red on the inside. S&P and that's it. Sometimes a slab of garlic herb butter on top. Porterhouse is where it's at.

  18. I'll join the club..for me its medium rare

    porterhouse is my favorite..ribeye a close second...

    if i'm cutting or something i'll force my self to eat the top round kinda cuts...

    I also like flank steak..quickly seared on each side, cut it right and its good as hell


  19. with a fork when im feeling classy....but sometimes forks piss me off,so thats when people at the resturant start to stare......true story

  20. Medium-rare. Ribeye, T-bone and Porterhouse are all yummy. I generally eat sirloin, however.

  21. All this talk...i'm having me a steak post workout meal


  22. Quote Originally Posted by moklepaul
    Medium rare, thick, rib eye With garlic mashed potatoes
    What he said...

  23. I do not eat dead matter. Plus soon as you cook animals it becomes denatured to the point where money per gram of protein is not really worth it. Plus I do not need extra cholestrol nor fat.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad
    I do not eat dead matter. Plus soon as you cook animals it becomes denatured to the point where money per gram of protein is not really worth it. Plus I do not need extra cholestrol nor fat.

    you don't want dietary fat? what's wrong with you?

    You blew away any credibility you would have on any future posts on this board in my opinion.

    (you can blame my rage on the meat)

    If you backed up what you just said with anything remotely credible, then maybe i would humor you and ponder it.

    By the way, you need dietary fat. And Dietary (read spelling) CHOLESTEROL is not as half bad as you think it is, and has not been actually absolutely proven to raise serum HDL and LDL. The Egg people have been fighting that notion for years.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad
    I do not eat dead matter. Plus soon as you cook animals it becomes denatured to the point where money per gram of protein is not really worth it. Plus I do not need extra cholestrol nor fat.

    You don't jump in the middle of 20 power/building steak enthusiast and hate on their choice of red meat, vegan!

    I'm getting out of here before it gets Ugly...

  26. I like mine medium rare. I can't stand when they cook it too long and it's like eating leather.

  27. I ate a Vegan rare. I didn't want to denature it's protein any more than it already was.
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  28. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    I ate a Vegan rare. I didn't want to denature it's protein any more than it already was.
    How'd she taste?

  29. Soy is better than animal protein. Health care professionals and consumers alike are becoming more aware of the potential benefits that adding protein to the diet can provide. Throughout our lives, protein in our bodies is continuously broken down and remade, thus requiring the addition of protein to our diets. High quality proteins provide the best and most efficient way to meet human nutritional needs. Therefore, it is important that the protein added to the diet is of the highest quality possible.

    The nutritional quality of soy protein has been studied in depth. Studies have shown that nitrogen balance, digestibility, and protein utilization are similar between beef and soy proteins. Other studies show that soy protein can support nitrogen balance and does provide adequate amounts of the amino acid methionine, which is important for growth and development. Recent studies have reported that nitrogen absorption, protein digestibility, biological value, and net utilization of soy protein are similar to milk protein.

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