how does everyone eat their steaks/beef?

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  1. Osteoporosis (Steve Harris)

    have a look

    read through it..its much like the argument starting here...

  2. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad
    Soy is better than animal protein.
    For old Asian women harvesting rice, maybe.

    For weightliftings/bodybuilders, no.
  3. Thumbs up

    I like my steak like I like my pu$$y, NICE AND PINK ! Preferably done on a REAL hardwood fired grille.

    Just remember guys, Vegetarian/vegan is the old Blackfoot term for BAD HUNTER!

  4. maybe im the odd ball, but i like mine medium well, which means it usually comes out medium...

  5. I loves me steak nice and rare.

    Nothing like cooking it with kingsford on the grill.

    Add a little garlic salt and black pepper and stand back!!!

  6. Nothing like a good Delmonico med.rare

    a little A-1 for cheat sauce


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