how does everyone eat their steaks/beef?

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  1. I like mine medium rare. I can't stand when they cook it too long and it's like eating leather.

  2. I ate a Vegan rare. I didn't want to denature it's protein any more than it already was.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    I ate a Vegan rare. I didn't want to denature it's protein any more than it already was.
    How'd she taste?

  4. Soy is better than animal protein. Health care professionals and consumers alike are becoming more aware of the potential benefits that adding protein to the diet can provide. Throughout our lives, protein in our bodies is continuously broken down and remade, thus requiring the addition of protein to our diets. High quality proteins provide the best and most efficient way to meet human nutritional needs. Therefore, it is important that the protein added to the diet is of the highest quality possible.

    The nutritional quality of soy protein has been studied in depth. Studies have shown that nitrogen balance, digestibility, and protein utilization are similar between beef and soy proteins. Other studies show that soy protein can support nitrogen balance and does provide adequate amounts of the amino acid methionine, which is important for growth and development. Recent studies have reported that nitrogen absorption, protein digestibility, biological value, and net utilization of soy protein are similar to milk protein.

    The high digestibility of soy protein, the content and bioavailability of its amino acids, and the nitrogen content make soy protein a high quality protein. Based on protein digestibility calculations, soy protein achieves a score of 1.0, the highest score possible and on par with other high quality proteins like egg whites and milk proteins. Therefore, the addition of soy to the diet is a good way to meet all of your protein nutritional requirements. Proteins consist of 28 amino acids.
    We manufacture 19 amino acids in our livers. Nine essential
    amino acids must be obtained from the foods we eat. Many
    people believe that animal and plant proteins are exactly
    the same. That is not true.

    One of those "essential" amino acids is methionine.

    One needs methionine for many human metabolic functions
    including digestion, detoxification of heavy metals, and
    muscle metabolism. However, an excess of methionine can be
    toxic and create that acid condition in your blood.

    The center atom of methionine is sulfur. That's the problem.
    Eat foods containing too much methionine, and your blood
    will become acidic. The sulfur converts to sulfates and weak
    forms of sulfuric acid. In order to neutralize the acid, in
    its wisdom, the body leaches calcium from bones.

    "Dietary protein increases production of acid in the blood
    which can be neutralized by calcium mobilized from the
    skeleton." {American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1995;

    Animal proteins contain more methionine than plant proteins.
    Let's compare cow's milk to soymilk:

    Methionine in 100 grams of soymilk: .040 grams
    Methionine in 100 grams of whole milk: .083 grams
    Methionine in 100 grams of skim milk: .099 grams

    Now, let's compare 100 gram portions of tofu to meat:
    (All of the meat products are lean and without skin)

    Silken soft tofu: .074 grams of methionine
    Hamburger: .282 grams of methionine
    Hard boiled egg: .392 grams of methionine
    Roast ham: .535 grams of methionine
    Baked codfish: .679 grams of methionine
    Swiss cheese .784 grams of methionine
    Roast chicken: .801 grams of methionine

    Why do nations with the highest rates of bone disease also
    have the highest milk/animal consumption rates? The highest rates
    of osteoporosis are to be found in America,Denmark, Holland, Norway,
    and Sweden.

  5. Osteoporosis (Steve Harris)

    have a look

    read through it..its much like the argument starting here...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad
    Soy is better than animal protein.
    For old Asian women harvesting rice, maybe.

    For weightliftings/bodybuilders, no.
  7. Thumbs up

    I like my steak like I like my pu$$y, NICE AND PINK ! Preferably done on a REAL hardwood fired grille.

    Just remember guys, Vegetarian/vegan is the old Blackfoot term for BAD HUNTER!

  8. maybe im the odd ball, but i like mine medium well, which means it usually comes out medium...

  9. I loves me steak nice and rare.

    Nothing like cooking it with kingsford on the grill.

    Add a little garlic salt and black pepper and stand back!!!

  10. Nothing like a good Delmonico med.rare

    a little A-1 for cheat sauce


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