weird...stomach still feels hungry??

  1. weird...stomach still feels hungry??

    idk whats going on but i even ate a whole extra 6 Oz. of chicken breast today for some reason my stomach has been aching and cramping since about noon and even later in my workout like i had an empty stomach and im real hungry...eventhough i know im eating plenty wondering what the hell?...(i accidently ate an apple that i wipped on my pants that just before that i wiped my hands off with antifreeze on them...uh thats poisonous but that was sunday morning)

  2. Maybe you need an antioxidant to make your body less acidic, maybe your growing, maybe you have heart burn.

  3. no i know what heart burn blows just like my stomach feels like its hungry u know that feeling on emptiness? and your stomach is churning but there is nothing in there

  4. I have the same issue . . . I eat a good sized meal, twice the size of my wife's. Within a 1/2 hour I feel hungry,or starving. Guess I am growing, need endless supplies of food.

  5. Good, eat some more! Eat to grow.

    I get that hungry feeling too sometimes. Usually when my carbs are low.



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