Low Carb Breakfast

  1. Low Carb Breakfast

    good low carb breakfast?! i cant think of anything better than eggs, i need something fast if im late for work to get me up and running

  2. Whey Protein shake? Fast, easy to make, absorbed fast into the body to help get out of the fasting state from sleeping.

  3. If you dont like shakes, Dymatize just came out with the Oats N More which can be made in 30 seconds in the microwave. They typically have 24 grams of carbs or around, so I dont know if that fits the low carb requirement. There are a couple flavors that are sugar free however.
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  4. steak and eggs

    whey shake/tbsp natty peanut butter/raw egg

    turkey wrapped with cheddar or swiss

    there are tons of good low carb breakfast ideas..

  5. soft scrambeld eggs,lil smokies,black coffee -sounds good!



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