How does My Diet look so far???

  1. How does My Diet look so far???

    These Numbers are from Saturday through Yesterday. I can post todays later because I probably will add another protien shake.

    I have been lifting about every other day. But haven't done cardio more than once because I my hectic schedule this week. I am trying to loose some weight and probably about 7-8% of body fat which will around 20 lbs of fat. I think my stats are in my sig. I would like to know what body type I am because I am not too sure. I can post pics if needed. Please ley me know what you think of the diet split. My carbs (other than a few today and yesterday were from regular bread) are from Yams grits, wheat bread and brocolli. Protien is from Whey(mid-morning) and Syntha-6 (evening) along with Turkey and chicken breasts. Fats from peanut butter, eggs, almonds, some in protien, and a few from the last couple days were from junk on the sandwhiches I had.
    I plan to have one cheat day which I will make sure is supplemented with a good workout(usually legs) and cardio.

    2132 cals
    Fat: 55 494 24%
    Sat: 14 124 6%
    Poly: 9 82 4%
    Mono: 14 127 6%
    Carbs: 257 877 43%
    Fiber: 38 0 0%
    Protein: 163 651 32%
    Alcohol: 0 0 0%

    Total: 2615
    Fat: 59 529 21%
    Sat: 17 149 6%
    Poly: 10 89 4%
    Mono: 16 145 6%
    Carbs: 322 1126 45%
    Fiber: 40 0 0%
    Protein: 211 845 34%
    Alcohol: 0 0 0%

    Total: 2450
    Fat: 67 607 26%
    Sat: 13 120 5%
    Poly: 15 132 6%
    Mono: 26 230 10%
    Carbs: 261 901 38%
    Fiber: 35 0 0%
    Protein: 213 852 36%
    Alcohol: 0 0 0%

    Total: 2791
    Fat: 74 664 25%
    Sat: 14 126 5%
    Poly: 8 69 3%
    Mono: 13 117 4%
    Carbs: 315 1114 42%
    Fiber: 37 0 0%
    Protein: 217 868 33%
    Alcohol: 0 0 0%

  2. Hey bro, please post stats it will help alot otherwise no one can make a judgement on diet. If you are trying to cut I would lower the carbs some but don't really know without your stats. And also what supplements do you take other than the protein?

  3. sorry I thought I had my stats in my sig or something

    weight 217lbs
    Height 6'1"
    BF 17% (electronic scale at gym) gives a lot of stats
    Max lifts 315 bench
    deads 315 for 8 herniated discso I don't max
    Squat 225 for 8

    I'm trying to cut, but with that split I have been unsucessfull. I have a cheat day once a week also. Any thoughts?

  4. Cals seem really low.

    How long have you been cutting up to this point?

    If you are serious about your cut, drop the bread.

    Can you post actual meals throught out the day?

  5. your cals are way way way too low .. you're going to stall out very quickly as your body starts preserving fat in case it needs it because you aren't fueling it enough

  6. Breakfast has been 1/2 cup grits 4 eggs (2whole)
    then a protiens shake
    chicken with brocolli and a sweet potatoe or brown rice
    usually a peanut butter sandwich
    scoop of whey
    chicken and rice again or sweet potatoe
    Syntha-6 slow release protien

  7. that is a normal good diet day, now that finals are over I will be able to stick with that regularly and not have to deviate. And since I started this tread I have not lost any weight. So I am a little frustrated

  8. please see my post 2 up

  9. I would raise your calories to around 3200 per day by upping your protein and minimally raising your carbs and fats. Every two weeks I would drop about 100 calories in carbs and fats, about 5g fat and 13g carbs. You can even go on a two day per week carb depletion day where you take in around 100g and then 50g and then refeed on the next days. On the low carb days I would take in all your carbs pre and post workout. You should also look into some kind of a fat burner, DCP from Nutraplanet looks very promising as well as many others. I hope this helps, good luck bro.


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