Greek Yogurt - A New Favorite Snack

  1. Greek Yogurt - A New Favorite Snack

    I went to a Greek place to eat the other day, and I tried 'Goats' Milk Yogurt with Honey and Walnuts' for dessert. I thought it tasted wicked, so we got some at the health food store, here are the nutritional specs:

    Serving Size: 7oz
    Total Fat: 4g
    Cholesterol: 10mg
    Sodium: 65mg
    Total Carb (sugar): 8g
    Protien: 17g

    Its made from goats milk, and isnt nearly as sweet as other 'American' yogurt that's loaded with HFCS. Its way thicker and firm in texture too, almost like a cross between pudding and ice cream. With a little honey and some nuts - I swear its my favorite dessert ever.

    I'd imagine you could add some whey of your choice to make this a really nice version of protien pudding on the cheap - the 7oz cup was $1.99, but Im sure you could find cheaper at an ethnic food store or organic food co-op.


  2. That sounds awesome. I down a lot of yoghurt every week and I know the sugars in it are probably my worst enemy in terms of staying leaner.

    I mix a few scoops of Muscle Milk into fat free plain yoghurt, but the goat stuff sounds like a way better option.

  3. hmm not bad

  4. I tried the fat free plain yogurt and I can honestly say that i'm fine with the sugars found in the vanilla flavored version

  5. I tried the fat free plain yogurt and I can honestly say that i'm fine with the sugars found in the vanilla flavored version
    Me too, and it was nasty! Even though there's not much in the way of sugar, this just tastes beter.

  6. Yeah, low fat sucks. It's a lot thinner as well. I have been buying either Brown Cow vanilla or lemon or Cascade Fresh orange flavor yoghurt. They're so good I can eat a whole pint in a sitting, lol.

  7. Plain Dannon from Walmart for $1.96/ 32oz is awesome too.

  8. yea im Greek and i love the greek yogurt with the honey and walnuts its the bomb and its relatively bodybuilder friendly

  9. wow trader joe's greek style nonfat yogurt, 20g per 8oz serving
    i can't go back to regular yogurt now

  10. And goat milk protein more digestible than any other protien in the human body. I was on another board where someone posted that they were using goat milk protein and it was 90% more bioavailable than cow and that the human body used more than cow protein.

    Stink though...


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