Is Trail Mix and Dried fruits and such a

  1. Is Trail Mix and Dried fruits and such a

    good snack or is it bad for you? Just trying too find something snacky too beat the cravings

  2. A lot of dried fruits that I have seen have a good amount of sugar in them which can spike your insulin levels. That you don't want especially if you are trying to cut up. Otherwise try keeping them strictly for post workout with some whey protein. Another alternative for snacking is plan Almonds. They are a good healthy fat source as well as a protein source. And they won't spike insulin levels.

  3. true fruits do have some natural sugar in them,but i believe any major spike in slin levels is gonna be balanced out by the fiber in fruit,as well as when combining with nuts,the protein/fiber/fat from them as well.just make sure to get some wholesome natural trail mix and not some sugar(extraneous)laden artificially coated garbage as that would defeat the purpose

  4. thanks boys, im going too pick up some almonds as well

  5. I beleive that it will be a high GI bar even though there is a lot of fiber in them. Buddy, they hold together with honey! They will spike it up IMO. Peanut butter could be a good way to cut the cravings too. Or make your own mixes of fruits and nuts

  6. ive always enjoyed a good ole bag of beef jerky as a midday snack

  7. as long as there isnt any sugar added, you should be ok. everything in moderation, remember.

  8. Most dried fruit will be low GI since it is fruit sugar (raisins are not as low since they have more glucose in them). However, since they are dried the calorie density is higher so dont overdo it.


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