Boiled ground beef

  1. Boiled ground beef

    I know this sounds nasty, but it's really not to bad.

    A good way to get fat out of ground beef is to boil some water, place the meat in it and cook the meat that way. You'll want to stir a lot, because the fat can boil over if you don't. This is great for making ground beef to go in pasta or any other dish that you would normally place ground beef in.

    Does anyone else ever do this?

  2. No but sounds like it's worth a try. I usually buy extra lean ground beet and want the little bit of sat fat though.

  3. It just sounds so naaaaaaasty! Ok, I'll try it.

  4. I believe this is how the ground beef in Cincinnati chili is prepared.

  5. No I do this all the time, it cooks out most of the fat.

  6. any estimate of how much fat is removed from lean ground beef for this method ..i usually strain mine/wash it under boiling water after cooked in a pan


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