I need to add some creative ways to increase my cals so I can continue to put on weight as I have been. Right now, I am eating enough to keep on my size, but eating much more would make my stomach pop (I have a hard time eating big at every meal). This is workout days only...on days off (3 days per week) I try and stick to the diet but end up eating like crap (pizza, ice cream etc..). Doesnt hurt me as my metabolism is that of the roadrunners.

1. 6 whole eggs with 1 scoop Supercarb (I really need to eat more carbs here)
456 cals.
36g protein
4g carbs
30g fat

2. Sustain bar, 1 whole grain rice cake, whey protein in skim milk
511 cals.
47g protein
55g carbs
10g fat

3. PWO whey isolate, skim milk, 2 scoops Supercarb, whole grain bagel.
451 cals.
41g. protein
71g carbs
1.5g fat

4. Moe's Burrito
894 cals
39g protein
104g carbs
37g fat

5. whey protein in skim milk, whole grain bagel
431 cals
38g protein
65g carbs
2.5g fat

6. Dinner, this meal varies greatly. It is different each night as my wife cooks this. Dont have nutritional info on this meal. Am working on getting an estimate over a week.

7. Sustain Protein in skim milk
158 cals
25g protein
11g carbs
1g fat

Totals minus meal 6:
2901 cals.
226g protein
310g carbs
82g fat

I am estimating with dinner, I am consuming about 3400-3500 calories per day. I know I need to add more carbs in with breakfast and am working on that now, at this point, it is just a time constraint thing. I just am really looking for any input on how I can streamline this diet to get more out of what I eat with adding small creative things to it.

I am 6'7" and sit at around 220lbs in the morning. Lift 5 days per week between a low volume and high volume routines depending on the week.