Tendonitis or what?

  1. Tendonitis or what?

    Okay what are the signs of tendonitis? Tips?

    I have a somewhat sharp pain in my elbow joint area. It sometimes travels to my forearm as well. I had it in my left arm slightly about 2 weeks ago and now that is okay but my right arm has it and is alot worse. Im trying to figure out what it is without going to the doctor if at all neccassary. Anyone have any ideas or questions to ask me so that we can figure out what is wrong? I would hate to stop my cycle early because of it. fack.

  2. maybe its this --->Tennis Elbow

  3. Steroids dramatically increase muscle strength and contraction without the increase in connective tissues strength. You are straining your tendons and ligaments by increasing resistance without time for connective tissue adaptation.

    Sure, it will meet all the symptoms of tendonitis or tennis elbow, etc. Those are repetative use injuries or ailments produced or generated over long periods of time. Yours is an injury of a different kind.


  4. thanks for the response B, should i lower gym frequency and drop weight or train lighter?

    Is there anything that you could say would help the situation. A cheap supp preferrably.

  5. Rest, heat, ice, rest. Repeat.

    More warm up. Lighter weights. Different exercises.

    I never use supplements to mask injuries. I try to stop doing the damage.

    I'm sure there are many who could recommend supplements. I use very few anymore.

  6. Im wondering to if it has something to do with me stopping cissus that i was megadosing for about 2 months. Maybe it suppressed my body's own natural joint and tendon health. Just a theory.

    Im coming up on week 3 of my cycle should i stop taking my superdrol since i wont be lifting heavy anymore or do you think it is okay to still take it?


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