Help with post contest rebound!

  1. Help with post contest rebound!

    i read about the post-contest binge/rebound many times in many articles... but nothing can really prepare a first timer for what he is about to experience. I had my first contest on Saturday night weighing in at 160, and told myself that i would give myself until the end of wednesday to eat anything that i desired without guilt, and that i wouldn't weigh myself during the process. i thought that this was too short of a period of time to put on any real harmful fat, and then when it was done and the temptation was out of my system i could lean bulk without distraction.

    but by tuesday night, my face, arms, torso, legs, everything was so swollen from holding onto water that i looked even worse than before i started dieting. i had dieted down 40 lbs for competition, and when i weighed myself i was up 30 lbs in the span of 48 hours. i cut my binge short and decided to clean up a day early... but after eating clean and below maintenance on wednesday something snapped in my head again to go on an all-out binge!! i can't even explain it, almost like an eating disorder or a drug addict relapsing into using again.

    i have seen many threads like this, but i did not really expect myself to be in this situation. i was excited to slow bulk again and thought that there was no way i could throw my hard work cutting down the garbage... but 3 days and 30+ lbs later, it seems like that's what i'm doing. i must've average 8k calories for 3 days... there's no way that this is all fat gain, right?? Will the weight eventually subside?? i literally went from a nice ripped 7% bodyfat to looking like a pillsbury dough boy, and that's pretty rough on me mentally and physically. can anyone gimme some advice as i'm a real novice to competing and scared $hitless of what's happening to my body.

  2. No its impossible to gain 30lbs of pure fat in that amount of time considering 1lb of fat equals 3500 calories so at the most you may have put on 7-8lbs of fat. Your experiancing massive fluid retention right now it happens to most after a contest, don't step on a scale for another 3-4 days and get back to dieting and cardio immediatly you should return to normal in 4-6 weeks depending on your deficit and diet.

  3. Don't you worry about this. I have been told that it can take up to 3 months to FULLY recover from this competition. Keep the clean bulk, and you will be fine

    Good luck.

  4. HAHA, yup I feel for you, I have experienced this and so have my two roommates... Although i knew it was going to be bad when they were melting chocolate on top of marshmellows and gramcrackers in the oven then adding peanut butter... I witnessed a horribly depressing 5 day gorge.. In the end it was complete softness and it does take a good month or 2 to get it back in order. It's crazy how long it takes to lose and how quick it returns... Good Luck!

  5. Did they go straight into a cut after that? Also would you say that most of the weight gain was water that just took a while to leave? I wouldn't mind doing that, but man that'd be depressing... lookin forward all of precontest to bulk again, only to have to cut for 2 months to make up for a few days.

  6. Keeping everything clean is the key...try drinking more water...It will help bring down the retention. I always try to keep the dairy down to a minimum post contest...when your innards (yeah I am hick) have been eating chicken, oatmeal, fishoil and eggs, everyday for 18 weeks, the sudden consumption of lactose and sugars will make your insides feel not so lovely. And the people around you will likely dispise your smells...oh and your rear will thank me on this...your body is set up for eating 2200 cals and when you hit 3500+ in a weeks time frame, your azz will hate you. Good luck...oh, how did you do at your show?

  7. Oh yeah sorry forgot to update on the show. Thanks for all the advice earlier bro... I took it to heart, esp. documenting everything. I ended up placing 3rd in the short class. The good part is that 1st and 2nd were way more conditioned than me, so I felt like I did everything that I could for my placing. I might post some pics later when they come out. I was definitely bit by the bodybuilding competition bug though, and am gonna make it a goal to win overall in that competition by the time I graduate, then maybe do a few natural shows after college.

    Would you recommend that I lean bulk from here on out (I'm thinkin ~2600 cals/day all clean), or cut until the excess water retention goes away? Won't be competing for another 365 days, but I definitely only want to be 20-25 lbs from my goal this time and not 40.

  8. Nice job on placing third....As far as lean bulking here's the kicker. If I remember correctly, you were 160lbs at your show, or close to it. 160 divided by 2.2 is 72.73 kg. Now assuming you were right around 8 % bodyfat puts you at 69.09 kg fat free mass. If I take 22 multiplied by your far free mass and add 500 I get: 2019.98 k/cals or your RMR. Just to live and work and breath and move you need to multiply that number by 1.5 or I always go 1.6 (bodybuilder) and you get 3231.97 k/cals per day....This is a far cry higher than your 2600 calories...I are saying you will get clean, continuing cardio to a certain level and working your azz off in the gym, will keep the fat levels low. Now remember, their is a thermogenic effect when eating high protein. This can make up around 10 to 15% of your daily calorie expenditure. My man....2600 ain't goin cut it. You just came off a calorie intake of 2000 to 2200 for a few's time to GROW and the only way you can do this is by feeding your body. Keep it higher in protein...alot say carbs, I disagree. Moderate carb intake, cutting them by 6:00PM...see Dante and DC style training, and keep the fat on the lower side. Eat clean weekly and limit the cheat meals. This will create an anabolic enviroment throughout the next year. If you ain't growin with the above numbers of 3200 cals add 250 to 500. Protein first, carbs second and fat third. If you find that you are getting a bit pudgy, lower 250 fat first, carbs second, protein third. Play around...KEEP NOTES, and take accurate measurements. Let me know what you think and how you are doing...Good luck man.


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