Anybody know anything about staff infection?

  1. Anybody know anything about staff infection?

    Like for instance, if you get a staff infection in a certain area on your body. After it clears up and maybe a few years down the road, is that particular area of your body more susceptible to break outs and acne?

  2. Yes

    Not only can staph infections cause acne, but acne can also cause staph infections. However, staph infections can also look like acne breakouts, when in fact they are not. For example, there is a condition where skin follicles become infected. This condition is known as folliculitus. The condition forms what look like acne pimples in clusters. This is actually a staph bacteria, and needs to be treated by a doctor.

    To better understand how do staph infections cause acne breakouts, you need to know what staph infections are, and what causes them. A staph infection, known in the medical world as staphylococcus aureus bacteria, is very common. Most people have staph bacteria living on their skin at all times - no matter how much they shower. However, when it enters the human body, it becomes a problem.

    Staph bacteria can enter the human body through open cuts or skin breaks. It can also enter through acne pimples that have been squeezed or popped. Common skin infections caused by staph are folliculitis, boils, Styes in the eye, impetigo, abscesses, and acne.

    Staph infections, if left untreated, can become very serious - even life-threatening problems. If your acne pimples remain red and infected looking for more than five days, you should visit a doctor. You should also be aware that in most cases, just because you have acne does not mean that you have a staph infection. Acne that heals normally usually means that there is no staph infection present.

    You doctor will easily be able to determine if you have a staph infection by collecting a culture from the area in question. This is painless, and only involves a cotton swab. If the culture tests positive for staph, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat the staph infection.

    So, the next time you have an acne pimple, and you are tempted to pop it, remember the question, Do staph infections cause acne breakouts? Then, remember that the answer is YES.

  3. my son who is only 8 got a nasty staph infection in his knee and he was in the hosp for days. it was not fun

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