TestMedica Liver One-Step Home Scan

  1. TestMedica Liver One-Step Home Scan

    has anyone used this product to test liver condition while on say methyls, excessive meds, or alcohol? Im wondering how effective this is and if it worth buying for $5. Anyone use it or what is your take on this liver home scan?

  2. i had never heard of it so i googled it
    first thing i wondered is if it can be worth a darn for only 5 bucks?
    reading the description below it seems to give only a yes or no.it doesnt seem to be able to test for levels or any details like that.

    "A Reliable And Accurate In Home Health Screen For Liver Function

    TestMedica Home Scan diagnostics are a quick and easy way to check for specific parameters in the urine. The detection of these parameters and their levels may be indicative of an abnormality or an infection. This test checks for bilirubin in the urine. A positive result means something is wrong in the biliary tract, the liver or is a sign of hepatitis. There is no need to take time off from work, TestMedica provides private, in-home test for convenience and are over 99% accurate when used as directed.

    Liver and Liver Associated Disease Facts

    * Over 26,000 people die annually from chronic liver disease and cirrhosis.
    * Cirrhosis, is the seventh leading disease-related cause of death in the US.
    * There are approximately 3.5 million hepatitis C infections in the US.
    * One in every 250 persons is a carrier of the hepatitis B virus.
    * There are more than 200,000 new hepatitis B infections annually.
    * Approximately 22,000 pregnant women are hepatitis B carriers annually.
    * Early detection is the best way to control liver and liver associated problems. "

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