On a cut - a few questions about foods

  1. On a cut - a few questions about foods


    I am a college student, and sometimes finding healthy food at the school cafeteria is quite a chore. Today they had smoked ham, rotissire chicken, and roasted turkey. are these foods good for me to eat while trying to lose weight? Also, I am trying to count carbs, calories, protein, and fats. Without the nutrition facts its hard to do this. anyone have any idea of how i could find this out?

  2. They sell books at the drug store that have the calorie and macro breakdowns of just about every food you could imagine. Lust ask the lunch lady the serving size and you'll be set.


  3. go to fitday.com and start up your own little "diary". They come pretty close to finding the macro breakdown of foods, and will show you a cute little pie graph that shows you how bad your diet will taste.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Socrates44
    go to fitday.com and start up your own little "diary".
    thats the best way to go,,, you will just have to either bring a scale (lol) to the caff. or get a good idea of what 6oz of chicken or turkey looks like and put it into fit day as best you can. but those foods are perfect, for the chix and others, skip the skin (lotta fat) adn go right into the meat of it. caff's suck but if you look hard enough and try you can usualyl find some decent alternatives, my college had a omlet station, needless to say that was heaven bc they had the options for egg whites and etc., its hard at first, but juts be creative



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