Sources of Omega 3's other then fish?

  1. Angry Sources of Omega 3's other then fish?

    Any one know of a good source of omega 3's beside fish oil? I'm developing an allergy to the fish oil I'm using, I gotta switch but I don't know to what to use. I loved my fish oil but I'm getting bad heart burn from it.

  2. Flax oil, flax seeds (grind and add to shake), Udo's Choice Blend (primarily flax), hemp oil (a little harder to find...)

  3. If you're not against eating pasta, Barilla Plus has some Omega 3's and has more protein and tastes better than whole wheat pasta IMO

  4. I just ordered some walnut oil and the pasta idea sounds cool also.

  5. I use Carlson's oil from
    has a lemon taste with no burping.

  6. if your having a bad reaction to your fish oil....i wouldnt drop fish oil but switch brands,what are u using now?
    NOW has a great one

    flax is good as mentioned as are walnuts.both are quite easy to incorporate into the diet.hemp is actually my favorite...taaaaasty!

    i also spring for the 'extra special' eggs at the store that are o3 enhanced.and free range/cage free to boot.

  7. Flax.

  8. Grass/ Free Range Beef has a higher Omega 3 content.


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