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  1. Nausea

    Been feeling like I was going to throw up at random times for the past couple of weeks. I can be first getting out of bed, just going to bed or before or after a meal. I haven't thrown up yet but i've felt like it was just about to happen. No fever or muscle weakness involved. Over all, everything else is fine with the only other odd symptom being that I have to immediately use the bathroom after a meal. *poop* doo-doo, pop-a-squat etc.

    I can go into a little more graphic detail if need be but i'll leave it here if anyone has any off the wall or somewhat similar symptoms.

  2. Oh I wanted to add that I do get a dry persistant cough on and off too and it's usually around the times of nausea. Nothing is ever produced. No flem or blood etc.

    I don't drink and I don't smoke/dip.

  3. Call your doctor.

  4. Making an appt in the morning but i've found that going in with somewhat an idea helps so I don't walk out with a script for motrin and another doc bill. I actually thought about hitting the emergency room. thanks though YR, at least I don't feel like an idiot thinking I should see a doc

  5. Those are weird symptoms. They might not be connected but sometimes nausea is actually your brain interpreting the signals from an internal injury as nausea. The cough and the nausea makes me wonder if you've pulled some deep core muscle or injured a vital organ (liver).

  6. What about stimulant use? I am pretty sure there is a CNS issue involved. Still, it's best to see a doctor.

  7. can i recommend trying an intestinal/colon cleanse? i do it once a year or so and always feel much much better afterwards

    i too have problems where sometimes i'll feel like i'm going to vomit .. always goes away for a LONG time after a cleanse is completed

  8. Turned out I had some masses on the ole testicles and i'm getting checked via ultrasound/x-ray on Monday for possible cancer. After the testing is done i'll probably look into that Glen, thanks for the info.

  9. good luck with everything jay .. we're all here for ya buddy

  10. Does this happen to you post work out by any chance?

  11. Hope everything goes well jay

  12. No, it mostly happens while doing nothing. Like waking up. Going to bed. Just sitting at the computer.

  13. Oh really. I might be wrong, it's been a while, but I had initially done a search on here to find out some info on 17HD from vyotech, and I thought I had seen your name come up in a few threads, and you had said you took it/were taking it/ARE taking it.

    I've been on it for a few weeks now, and just take 1 pre workout, and maybe about a half hour later after I get done working out and get home I feel really sick to my stomach, and naucious. I thought maybe we were experiencing the same thing from it...?

  14. Nah, I haven't taken any products from them but any stim/or general supp on an empty stomach makes me upset.

  15. Looking forward to some benign results so you can keep those big hangers bouncing for a long time, you fudgestick.

  16. definately post results as u get them plz.those are indeed some strange symptoms

  17. Had my ultrasound and x-ray today. The single most embarassing, yet awesome experience to date. I was told thursday on or about, would be when I find out the results. I didn't really feel like asking her what she thought afterwards since I was ready for a cigarette, and I don't smoke.

  18. Was she hot?

    Hey I am my family will be praying for you buddy.

    Please let us all know ASAP.

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  19. I'll be praying for you !!! Looking foward to you busting my balls later !!

  20. Sh1t now you're making me want to get one. I like strangers handling my balls with cold slimy apparatus like that ultrasound deal.

    I'll kindly ask the universe to bring good news to you Jay.

  21. You know people told me it was cold but it was actually very warm. So either my senses were off or she was treating me special

    No, she wasn't hot but she wasn't horrid either but she did have magic hands and that was good enough for me

  22. Happy ending?

  23. oh, she made banana cry? rusty trombone?

  24. Belgin Waffle.

  25. ewwwww


    actually that's very much like the angry dragon.. I thought it was something different.. carry on..

  26. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Turned out I had some masses on the ole testicles and i'm getting checked via ultrasound/x-ray on Monday for possible cancer. After the testing is done i'll probably look into that Glen, thanks for the info.

    QUESTION: how were you diagnosed? just really curious bc most docs would have slapped a script for antibiotics at you, what course of action got your doc to check the testes???

    how did they find the masses.... hmmm lemme check the ears, the throat, play with your sac for a second.... ha.

    im not doubting your doc, im just really curious bc my docs always slap a script at me and say call in 2 weeks and they never go into any depth...good thing you had a thourough doc and hopefully all is well! good luck, waiting for the update!

  27. I went in with the stomach and back issues and she asked if I had any pain in my testicles. I said no pain but they feel heavy at times and an "odd" feeling. She had me drop trou and felt me up. Found two lumps and made an xray and ultrasound appt that day for the following monday.

    I had no fever, no raised BP no chills or anything to warrant a script for anti-b's. Those things are over prescribed anyways.

  28. were the lumps very obvious to your touch?

  29. My kre alkalyn made me feel pukey on an empty stomach . also have you ever been exposed to mold. the spores sit in your lungs for years producing mycotoxins that release ans cause nasea and a dry cough. I had a problme with mold at my house due to a water leak and when i went out side i coughed at work i coughed and whenever i got near that house i almost puked just breathing the air in . It was a weird dry cough that when was forced was usually accomplanied by a gag.

  30. Yeah, SWG I have been.

    And I don't really know Wildman. I never even felt them afterwards. I was having issues after I was diagnosed with Limpomas when they were wondering if they were cancer or not so this time around I just chose not to worry over it and wait till the results came back. X-rays came back with slight flexability in the lower spine(no idea what that means) but they said nothing they are concerned with and Ultrasound still hasn't came back.

    Usually slow results are the good ones in my experiences.


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