THE ideal menu planner for a beginner?!?

  1. THE ideal menu planner for a beginner?!? goes my first official post. After having some BP related health problems at the beginning of the year, I'm getting back in the gym and want to hit the ground running on improving cardio AND strengthening.
    that being said, I need to find a 5-7 day menu planner that tells, the right foods(meals) to eat, when to eat them, and how many calories by meal, day, etc..
    Can anyone point me in the right direction if such a thing exists. I'm about 5'7 and 175 something in the 2k-2500 calorie range would be ideal.


  2. ^ word. Unless you want to cut/bulk, just log everything you eat, within that calorie range, make sure your diet is high in protein, low in fat, moderate in carbohydrates, and that all the food is "clean".

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