How does body mass effect the absorption of medication?

  1. How does body mass effect the absorption of medication?


    How does body mass effect the absorption of medication? Will someone who is 215 and 8% body fat absorb medication faster or slower than someone who is 215 and 20% body fat?


  2. Pretty much depends on the med. But in general, the larger the LBM, the lesser the effect, given the same dose across varying LBM levels. If your stomach is dead empty in the morning or after 5 or more hours of having finished a non-piggout-size meal, then the differences are a lot less. This is given of course you're talking about an orally administrated med. Once again, depends on the med.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I recently had a friend of the family who was diagnosed as being bi-polar. He goes from being extremely mellow to extrememly angry in seconds, and all of this has just become apparent in the past 3 months. I have known him all his life and while being a very intense person, he is usually very nice. The question at hand is that he is extremly fit 6-8% body fat and 210-215 and a professional athlete. The family asked me if could affect the way his new meds are reacting in his body. I have seen his dietary journals and everything looks on point. Just curious... and thanks for the help.


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