Advocare Products ???

  1. Advocare Products ???

    Can anyone give me any info on these products.. My wife is wanting to try them, and she is also trying to get me to try some as well. I know I have heard of them maybe from the TV or somewhere, But I am not sure if they are as good as the products that you can buy from our sponsores on this board..

    Need honest opinions from men and women please...

    Wife is really excited and wants to try them, So I told her I would ask if anyone could tell me if the products actually work or not, or if they were worth buying..


  2. Seems kind of expensive, what exactly is your wife (and yourself) considering using?

  3. I'm actually not even thinking of trying it... Just letting her think that ... She is wanting to maybe try a fat burner of some sort, and she is also very picky about protein.. I was given a protein name by FitNfirm and my wife is kinda hesitant about trying it. She needs to be taking some sort of protein, and she is looking into this stuff. Some of the girls in her office says ( Ohhhh Its so good.... But I really don't see that any of them have lost any weight ) But anyway, I will entertain her eagerness to at least try something.
    She has been working her butt off in the gym for about 4 months so far, and she has cleaned up her diet alot better than it was, and she is really not seeing any improvement.
    I don't want to see her get frustrated.

    Anyway, Thats why she is looking at it.

  4. lol, well the ALRI Tri-Lean System might be just what she's looking for. That or low dose PowerFULL and cAMPH. As for protein powders I'd just go with Anabolic Innovations, seem like a safe bet.

  5. I am using the AI products.. I swear by them... But... She does not like the taste of it what so ever. Fit gave me a protein for her to try from ALRI, and she says she is not sure about it.. ( I give up lol ) She is also taking special tactic from ALRI.. she saw alittle weight loss at first, but nothing more. And.. Her measurements are getting bigger as well. I am guessing muscle for fat... She has been lifting heavy for awhile, but like I said, she is getting bigger.. She wants to get smaller and more defined. I think I am gonna lower her lifing weight, and go lighter and higher reps.. Its worth a try.
    Plus another personal trainer gave her some really good tips the other day, and she is gonna be changing up her routine as well.. Guess we will see. But the female trainer told her that she really needed to get some kinda protein shake.. I told her ( I TOLD YOU SO !!! ) She will listen to her, but not to me.. Oh well.

  6. *gives up* Women

  7. Tell me about it ...

  8. Anyone..... Anyone.... Helloooooo Hellooooooo...

  9. The lack of responses might be telling you something.

  10. Actually tells me a few things..
    1. No one uses it
    2. No one has heard of it.
    3. Not worth a crap. ( But if thats the case,I wish they would come out and say it )
    4. Not that many people are visiting the health area...

    I will check back tomorrow.. She is gonna do what she wants anyway, I just am trying to get her some facts.


  11. I read the write-up on the "max energy" product and it looked like a solid but very pricey multivitamin. It had some things I really liked (garlic, green tea, etc). and some of the usual weightloss suspects (l-carnitine, garcinia, etc.). I didn't see anything that looked innovative or especially exciting but I'd probably be willing to buy it at 1/4 what they are selling it for.
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  12. Advocare is very over-priced and their products are years behind most of the things that we use. It seems as though most of their supplements are from the early 90's and haven't been renovated yet.

  13. it's all bs.. don't get scammed, in my opinion that's what it is, into the whole bit. it's overpriced supps. and you can get much better, well reviewed, more recommended from board sponsors.
    "A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, The one I feed the most." -George Bernard Shaw

  14. Agreed Bosco... And thats what I do.. Just gotta get my wife on board with that..

  15. Go to to research the products and the Medical advisory board who design and yes UPDATE the products. If you all are looking for the cheapest prices why aren't you all shopping at WalMart?

    I am an Advocare distributor and user of the products - have been for 6 yrs now. I also get the products at a reduced rate since I can resell them to my customers.

    I will be the first one to admit that they do not cover a number of the specialized types of products that people on this site need/use.

    And i buy from several of our sponsors for those but as far as overall formulation, quality and effectiveness my wife and I use over 20 of the Advocare products because they work.

    I started using supplements back while I was in 'Nam in '69. They tasted crappy and never seemed to deliver. Over the years I found one thing here and another there and wound up having dozens of brands from 1/2 a dozen stores and suppliers.

    In 2005 one of my fellow senior blackbelts told me about Advocare and I tried the products. i like them, they work, they taste good (compared to most things out there0 and I can literally call the doctors and scientists that design them and ask questions if I need to. I also see them and talk to them several times a year at our larger meetings/seminars etc. Can you do that?

    a little pricey...yes..but I believe I am geeting my monies worth or i'd be shopping elsewhere. We also do not isolate a particular nutrient. we use formulations that are balanced for absorption and follow the current research in the field not the fad of the day.

    I use the following formuls/product:
    O2 Gold
    All of the bars
    Prostate Support
    The entire Performance line.

    And finally I also make some money which helps pay for what I use. I'm satisfied with it.
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  16. I know a distributor that lives in Nashville and he supplies the TN Titans, Nashville Kats, and the Nashville ********s. I still think they are over priced, but alot of pro athletes are using them.

  17. Another thing with the endorsements on the website is they get some product but are not paid for their endorsements.

  18. Hmmmmmmm.... Interesting to know glg.. My wife also told me that if she became a rep or whatever, that she would get a discounted rate.. I like the fact that you can call the Dr's and scientist and ask questions..

    This is her decision to make for herself. I was looking for info from people out here who have taken it, and I have gotten a few responses.. I am sure they may be a few more. But over all, it is her decision. I do agree that it is over priced, But I can also say that I have never used the products.
    The products that I have bought from our board sponsors work well for me, so I figure I will stay with what works for me..
    Thanks for your imput, That was really informative.

  19. Yes if she becomes a rep she would be buying the product at a discount of up to 40%. It would also allow her to sell the product and earn extra income. And yes it is a multilevel sales/distribution company (NOT PYRAMID) so she could also earn additional income if someone she knows or meets wanted to get involved in the business side or just sign up for the discounts.

    If she is currently buying or speaking with another distributor they will be happy to sit down and explain the process.

  20. And I must say...Spark is the shiznit...I use to use Adovacare 5 years ago. Have not used them for a while...but their products are legit..yeah maybe not much to choose from, from a bodybuilders point of view but for the laymen at the gym they would not be bad.

  21. I love the sparks there awesome


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