Fractured Radius

  1. Fractured Radius

    Yes its true, A month away from hockey time and I broke my elbow(I'll spare you the details). Anyways, i'm susposed to be wearing this sling for roughly 3 weeks. I'm going back to the ortho on Sept 26th to get more X-rays, and hopefully get rid of this sling. I was told 2 months of not lifting, and that it will take even longer for me to fully extend my arm. This is my right arm, and I am Right handed. Now my question: I was going to be starting a cutting cycle, and I'm now wondering if it will be worth the effort to continue on with it. I can lift legs(machines only) as well as any other one that does not directly put a great deal of stress on my arm. Typically I was planning on running at least 4 days a week and lift legs and as many other body parts as I can, for the duritation of my downtime. I was going to try a super strict diet, but I'm not sure how badly my "gains" will be affected since I can't lift. Normally I run a 5 day split during school time.
    Any help would be appericated.

  2. Personally a leaning out/cutting is perfect right now because you're going to be cutting back calories as it is due to the injury. Work what you can and lean out. Just don't over do it so you don't lengthen your recovery time.

  3. Hold on now, do you play hockey? If you do, especially college, now is the worst time to cut. You need to have ample calories going into the season. When you start skating everyday, its going to be hard enough to keep strength up and weight on. If I were you, I would get plenty of rest, plenty of food. This allows the elbow to get what its needs for recovery. When you are hurt, your body needs more to heal itself, not less. A month or two off is not going to kill you, your elbow is the most important thing here right now. Just keep conditioning up through stationary bike, etc. Your elbow will heal, do some PT for it when your ready and you'll be fine for the start of the season and not be too far behind conditioning wise.

  4. Well I play on our club team, but Its not like i'm on scholarship or anything. As I said I keep my arm in the sling and drink a boat load of milk/ take calicum. I'm trying to keep my elbow in check, but I do not normaly take it off while in school. I need to be able to write and take notes. Being that its been a week or so, i've healed up pretty well. In fact the doc wanted to take me out of the splint 2 days after my fractured my elbow.

  5. NCAA or ACHA, it really doesn't matter. If you want to play to your full potential, never cut calories this part of the year. Its good that you take in milk and calcium but don't over do it, you can cause more harm than good to a fracture. Listen to your doc, do the proper rehab and keep eating and you'll be fine. Good luck with your season.

  6. Thanks buddy, I have another side question though. Since I'm doing some sort of high intensity areboic expendures, what would be ideal to eat afterwards. I know when i lift I guzzel down a whey shake and some wheat based carbs. But most of the time I ran before it was prior to a lifting sesson of sorts.

  7. Treat it the same as a regular workout. I get a good meal of protein and complex carbs 90 minutes before. around 30-35g pro/40-50g carbs/ 10g fat with like nuts or something. After, slam a whey with oats and flax seed or peanut butter down then get a real good meal in 90 minutes after the same as pre workout but with a little more volume. When lifting and skating the same day, I will hit upward around 4000-4500 calories and I'm only at 183 right now.

  8. Need to ask your doctor to Rx you an 'ultrasonic' (not electric)bone stimulator. It's expensive, but shown to reduce healing time of fractures 40-50%. Most insurance covers this for a fx radius/ulna. Get you back on the ice a lot sooner.
    Good luck by the way. Injuries suck, I know.

  9. Well when I go back to the Ortho, I'll ask him what the deal is. I got the guys that perform the orthopedic work on the Steelers taking care of my arm.


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