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  1. Quote Originally Posted by alan aragon
    Interesting dirt on sucralose:

    ______________________________ ____________

    Headache. 2006 Mar;46(3):515-7.
    Migraine triggered by sucralose--a case report.

    Bigal ME, Krymchantowski AV.

    Department of Neurology, The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY 10461, USA.

    Sucralose is the active compound of the most commonly sold sweetener in the United States. Different than aspartame, sucralose is not considered to be a migraine trigger. Herein we report a patient with attacks of migraine consistently triggered by sucralose. She also suffers from menstrually related migraine that had been well-controlled for several months since she switched her contraceptive from fixed estrogen to triphasic contraceptive pills. Some attacks triggered by sucralose were preceded by aura, and she had never experienced migraine with aura before. Withdrawal of the compound was associated with complete resolution of the attacks. Single-blind exposure (vs. sugar) triggered the attacks, after an attack-free period.

    ______________________________ ____________

    Headache. 2006 Sep;46(8):1303-4.
    Popular sweetner sucralose as a migraine trigger.

    Patel RM, Sarma R, Grimsley E.

    Sucralose (trichlorogalactosucrose, or better known as Splenda) is an artificial sweetener from native sucrose that was approved by the FDA on April 1, 1998 (April Fool's Day). This observation of a potential causal relationship between sucralose and migraines may be important for physicians to remember this can be a possible trigger during dietary history taking. Identifying further triggers for migraine headaches, in this case sucralose, may help alleviate some of the cost burden (through expensive medical therapy or missed work opportunity) as well as provide relief to migraineurs.
    interesting, i consume a lot of sucralose and never experienced any problems. i even buy the bulk sucralose so i dont get the added fillers and make a liquid solution. i rotate with sweeteners between sucralose, aspartame (just from crystal light), and stevia for pretty much no reason. guess it makes me feel better about myself.

    question regarding foods listing sucralose or splenda in ingredients: does this mean that splenda(sucralose + malto/dextrose) is added or just the active sweetener of sucralose by itself? been wondering this for awhile

  2. Pop is kind of a northern US word. It's big in chicago, as well as up in michigan where i'm at, and i guess from one of the posters in here it even stretches up into canada.

    Anyways, my buddies always drink diet pop when there cutting, but to me anything carbonated bloats me and makes me feel really fat while i'm cutting.

  3. Phosphorous in brown soda/pop can lead to some bone density issues.
    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. Lao Tse 6th century BC

  4. With all the 'toxins' and 'poisons' in Diet Soda that we hear about, we should be dropping dead in record numbers. We aren't though.

    hahaha, I love this:
    A fat person gets 3 Supersized Combo Meals, Milkshake, fries and a Diet Soda. Later comes to the conclusion that the Diet Soda is responsible for the 48% BF. I guess he would know

  5. I have a couple friends who compete and they drink up to a gallon per day of crystal light, right up to the competition, they claim it does not affect them at all.

    One way to see if your body is releasing insulin or not is to use a glucose tester, check your blood sugar level, then drink a diet pop or a glass of crystal light, wait awhile and check it again. I have tried several times and there is absolutely zero change in my blood sugar levels from diet pop.

  6. too much food will kill you, too much drinking will kill you, too much of anything will hurt you.i say this because i work for a global CSD (carbonated soft drink) company and i know as a fact that diet soda wont harm you as long as you consume it moderately .1 or 2 cans wont give you more than a calorie and a couple of burbs.


  7. after reading some studies on the negative effects of aspartame im going to switch from diet pepsi to diet coke with splenda.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon
    after reading some studies on the negative effects of aspartame im going to switch from diet pepsi to diet coke with splenda.

    Make sure you eat some mentos first


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