Powdered Egg Whites

  1. Powdered Egg Whites

    Anyone use these, I ordered a can $14.99 same as 309 large egg whites, mixed really easy, and once cooked to me they taste, seem same as just egg whites, I also tried a dry scoop mixed in with shake, no added taste, just made it thicker.

    Powdered Egg Whites CAN - 92-119

    Here is the link.

    Ingredients: Powdered Egg Whites.
    1/4 cup dry 100 carlories, 0 fat 340 Sodium, 2 carbs, 22 Protein.

  2. That just freaking sounds NASTY!!!

  3. I'd just get a ****load of eggs instead of powder or pasturised egg white.

  4. I agree it sounds gross, lol

  5. Sounds very convienant to me. I might give those a try

  6. i've been using them for a year now, they are GREAT. Highly recommended, i still buy regular eggs to use when i want whole eggs but no more throwing away yokes and these are way cheaper than buying liquid egg whites in cartons.

  7. I'd try em....how many servings to a can?
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  8. They are really not bad at all, once mixed just like liquid eggwhites that I buy in store, web site says equal to 309 large egg whites, can says servings size 1/2 cup 84 servings.

    Quote Originally Posted by rampage jackson
    I'd try em....how many servings to a can?

  9. This sounds like something i might be willing to try...

    Im just about stumpped on regular eggs...

    The servings seem to be off though
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  10. they work damn good in shakes. i had a bit of a time cooking them, they don't want to mix with water & if you power mix them you get meringue. it can be accomplished i guess. i not sure about posting links to non-sponsirs, but i will say i know where to get 10lbs for like $60 (+10 shipping)


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