Hair falling out... deficiency?

  1. Hair falling out... deficiency?

    A few weeks ago, I noticed that my hair was starting to shed. It wasn't very much, and it's not really a problem, but if I were to grab a handful of hair and give a tug, a few strands of hair would come out. This has never happened before, as my hair has always been tightly on my head. My diet is solid and I am taking a multi, calcium, zinc, anti-oxidants, and a lot of different whole foods per day. The only thing that I can think of is that I've been cutting for approx 24 weeks now (very slowly) losing at the rate of approx. 1 lb per week.

    Can anyone think of why this might be happening? Some mineral or micro deficiency I should be supplementing with? This has happened me before, about 6 years ago when I was semi-anorexic and had a very bad diet (lost about 50 lbs).

  2. If your diet is reasonably balanced and you're not taking any androgenic substances it's probably just genetics. Reality bites...

  3. I'm thinking it could be for a very prolonged caloric deficit though... Reason is, this never happens while bulking or during a short cut, and this happened once before when I was on a very long/unhealthy cut.

  4. Dude, how old are you?

  5. Also any history of MPB in your family? Especially, as I understand, on your mother's side?


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