How do you like this college dinner?

  1. How do you like this college dinner?

    So I am at college and finally got off the "mandatory" meal plan with a doctor's note that said I would go crazy unless i ate all organic natural food bla bla bla.... anyways... how is this for dinner every night... I have been having it and it is delicious!

    -1.5 cups of long grain brown organic rice
    -12 organic brown cage free eggs
    -a couple organic chopped carrots
    -a cup of organic broccoli
    -handfull of organic golden flax seeds
    -little bit of organic extra virgin olive oil
    -tiny amount of organic soy sauce (high in sodium, so not too much)
    -1 serving of cashew nuts

    And if you are interested, I am 21 years old, 11% body fat, 216 lbs, and 5'10''


  2. mandatory meal plans? what do they come and force it down your throat?

    never thought that places would force you to eat their food? So no more paying for the crap?

  3. yeah i had those. mandatory meal plans means they charge you $4000 a semester to eat in the dining hall, whether you like it or not. as much as i love BBing and following a set diet, i think if i were still in college i'd be forced to eat that crap rather than waste 4000

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