Arm position ..... Not sure if I should post this here or not ..

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  1. Arm position ..... Not sure if I should post this here or not ..

    To some, this may be a silly question. But to me, it kinda bothers me, because I get harrassed about it from time to time.
    When my arms just hang down normal, they actually hang at almost a 45 degree angle, or maybe a 40 degree angle. People always say I look like I am trying to bow up , or that I am walking around flexing. Its not the case, I have never been able to have my arms hang straight down by mysides, Not as long as I can remember anyway.

    So, can anyone tell me why I am this way ? I have tried stretching to see if it will help, but it does nothing to it. I just wish my arms would hang straight down like everyone elses.
    When I am holding weights, or anything heavy, they will hang straight, but as soon as I let the weights go, up they pop back to that position. Reason I am bring this up is I was teased about it this week, and I figured someone on here could help me out , or give me some advice ? To me, it is kinda strange to see guys that are far more muscular than me, and there arms are straight, but mine are not.

    Anyway, thanks for the help.

    Here are some pic. Let me know what you think, and is there anything I can do to fix this, or is this normal ?

  2. You are part ape.

  3. I'm not big but my shoulders and arms cause my arms to flair out a bit and my hands face to the back instead of thumb forward. Part of my posture problem that causes my rear traps not to show until I force them by pushing my shoulders back.

  4. Yeah, I was thinking about the ape thing...

    Actually, I am not worried about them hanging straight down by my side, but I am curious as to why they ( My arms are bent at a 40 degree angle, and are not straight like most peoples ? I know your lats will push your arms out, but I just cannot figure out why they are not straight.

  5. Mine aren't either. They hang at an angle. Some more than others will probably have something to do with bicep overpowering the tricep but this is where Bobo and others chime in which a real response

  6. Work your tri's more!! Maybe that will pull them back!

  7. I had a friend back in school that had a problem with his arms similar to what you've described. He couldn't actually straighten them out though. His elbows were just bent at all times. I would probably talk to my doctor about it. Well, if you're that worried about it. It could be something like what my friend had going on. It just doesn't sound as bad.

  8. Not worried about it really, just get tired of people thinking I am walking around like I am the bad boy on the block..
    I was thinking along the lines of Parttimer.. Maybe my Biceps are over powering my tri's... I used to only work biceps , and did nothing for my tri's... I did not have a clue that your tri;s were the largest part of your arm.. I thought it was the bicep.
    I have started really working my Tri's, and I am hoping that maybe once they get bigger, that maybe they will pull the arm back.

  9. I don't know man. That sounds like more of a joint issue than a muscle issue to me. But, I'm no doctor.

  10. Its just kinda strange, because if I want to, I can straighten them out, or if I pick up something that weighs about 5 lbs, it will also help them straighten out. My arms have been like this as far back as high school yrs. Not sure if it goes back any futher or not. Does not hurt, just kind of strange..
    I do appreicate your help and replies.

  11. Would this be something that you could eventually train over time in an attempt to fix? Perhaps simply forcing yourself to straighten out your arms whenever possible would eventually train your subconcious to hold them this way.

  12. I honestly do not know... Even when I do curls, I fully extend my arms, totally straight. Preacher curls, dumbell curls, and that has not had an effect on it. I really am curious if once my Tri's get bigger and stronger if it will make a difference.
    My arms just sit like that when they are at rest..

  13. My tris are the strong point of my arm and mine still hang in a similar fashion so it may be a genetic issue that can't be corrected as easily as training triceps more.

  14. The Kano fight is what your pics reminded me of.

  15. Which one was Kano ?? And why does that remind you of my pic. lol... Jayhawkk... You have entirely to much time on your hands.. But I did enjoy watching the fight.. Just don't know which one was Kano..

  16. Kano's the dude with the piece of metal on his face like Cobra Commander. lol Yeah, I see what ya man Jay. Good call.

  17. Ok, I watched the fight again, Still do not see how I resemble him.. His arms actually hang straight , not shaped like a boomarang. And by the way... He should have won that fight hands down.. Especially when she got him in the headlock. All he had to do was one simple move and she would have submitted really easy and with no complaints either.

    So tell me what it is about this guy that reminds you of me.. lol...

  18. lol That's gotta be one of the worst movies ever. But, I think he's referring to your musculature Stinger. It's similar to the guy that plays Kano.

  19. Your first pic and look at him in the that clip. Same stance.

  20. Ha ha ha .... Like I said, you have to much time on your hands... But I see what your talking about.. Pretty keen eye there Jayhawkk..

  21. There are few with less of a life and more free time than I!

  22. I wonder if it is a Bicep thing? I was at the gym earlier and I decided to do high rep low volume bicep routine. I got a pretty big pump in my biceps and I noticed in the mirror my arms were at the same angle as yours (they usually stay straight).

  23. I think that was probably because your muscle was pumped. It was involuntarily contracting, which was pulling your forearm towards your shoulder. Heh, then again I could be wrong.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    There are few with less of a life and more free time than I!

    Could that be directed at me ??????????

  25. Hell no, that was directed at me


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