junk food withdraw?

  1. junk food withdraw?

    5 months ago i suffered a dislocated rib followed by a blown out knee so needless to say this wasnt the best summer for me. i guess i got a little depressed since i couldnt train or really do anything so i basically sat on the couch and ate like a foolizza: . now that im able to finally do some training my motivation has come back. ive cleaned up my diet but over the 1st week im having major mood swings and just snapping at people for no reason....i think im having junk food withdraw.my question is how long will it take my body to get used to this switch?

  2. Come on man, junk food withdrawals?!?!?! Try quitting smoking...now those are some withdrawals!

    I would say a month at the most.

  3. Fats and sugars you're craving. If you're deficient your body wil crave what is out of balance so the key is keeping a proper balance while dieting.

  4. That's what I'm talking about - junk food withdrawals! Why couldn't I think of that.

    It's all chemically related. I'd say a month tops, as soon as your testosterone and estrogen levels finish adjusting to your activity level, you'll be fine.

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  8. Can someone please tell me how to post an original thread. I cant seem to figure it out. Thanks

  9. Start under the forum listing and press new thread button, I think. Go to the nutrition forum heading or whatever the topic is and before you go into a thread there should be a button in the upper left saying "new Thread".

  10. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows
    Come on man, junk food withdrawals?!?!?! Try quitting smoking...now those are some withdrawals!

    I would say a month at the most.
    actually i DID quit smoking 3 years ago.... not to mention i manage a tobacco shop ....talk about cravings..... i have 10 people all day every day smoking around me...luckily the back room is well ventilated

  11. Man, I know the feeling. About 4 years back I used to get crap and drink soda like it was going out of style! I dropped it all cold turkey and started to get crazy headaches. After a while they went away and now I can't stand sweet/soda. Just like smoking, its going to be REALLY hard, but once you get through it you'll never look back.


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